War! Lianna or evelynn

I hope to exchange kashrek for a green hero as soon as that tonic comes in. Would you use Evelynn or lianna for war with these heroes.

Lianna. But i loves her!

If that’s your defensive team, I’d rather replace Isarnia with Evelyn and play: Marjana, Kashhrek/Evelyn, Boldtusk, Evelyn/Kashhrek, Sartana.

You’re probably in upper plat/lower diamond atm so BT will work fine as a tank within that range.

Eve > Lianna.

Damage, debuff, dispel. Lianna just does damage and it’s not really that special against big 5 star champs.

@Nalu since you’re talking war defense, I would go with Lianna. I’m sure Evelyn will be amazing for what she does so she is next on my list to level, but here’s why I’d level Lianna first:

  1. Evelyn’s special does the most damage when paired with another green. She does do some damage with her hit, but it’s the -54% defense against green where the most damage can occur. When paired with another green hitter, the damage from the 2nd green is amplified.
  2. For war DEFENSE, your defense team doesn’t actually send tiles to the attacker. Again, Evelyn does immediate damage but the -54% defense is wasted when no green tiles can hit the attackers and there’s no additional green hitter to follow up with a hit.
  3. Lianna is a great hitter. She’s fast and hits hard. Her hits are devastating and she can quickly charge again. Fast heroes are great for wars (Evelyn is also fast, but, again, works best with a supporting green hitter).

I don’t think you would regret ascending either hero. But based one the heroes you showed, you would likely get the most use out of Lianna. Definitely work on Evelyn next as an Ev/Lianna combo would be deadly :laughing:


Unless the intention is to eat up flags, which is where Kashhrek and Evelyn flanking a solid tank (e.g. Boldtusk) would also be fine. A 4% non-dispellable heal on nature is no laughing matter if applied on Kashhrek. And with Fire as tank, attackers will have to stack blues so hopefully, Evelyn gets to fire off at least once, allowing Kashhrek to buff Boldtusk. If Boldtusk goes off, it’s a long drawn out battle just to clear the front three.

Mind you, it all looks good on paper… Eventually, I’d probably give Evelyn, Marjana, Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Liana or Marjana, Evelyn, Boldtusk, Liana, Sartana trial runs just to see how things pan out once they’re all fully levelled.

Guess that’s why this game is so much fun… Now if only levelling heroes didn’t take ages…:persevere:


Here are all my green heroes. Which is the one I should work toward being the best WAR hero? I have many shields but not enough tonics to raise even one of them fully yet

Presuming your alliance is not playing at the highest level, you have a very annoying tank almost maxed in Kashhrek. However, healers are important for war so I’d max Melendor.

Of the heroes listed to complete my war defense from improving from my current use of kashrek melandor was not the first that came to mind. Thanks for perspective

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Be careful of Mel, he is incredibly squishy, and IMO, makes him one of the worst 4* healing heroes

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Ehh if you position him right he has protection and with someone like Evelyn his high damage stat is beneficial to tiles when Evelyn fires. Plus he debuffs. I think ALL the 4 star healers are worth it in one way or another. Even Sabina, who is, in my opinion, the least useable 4 star healer.

Even though she as basically the same numbers as Melendor?

Yes. Because of his usefulness with other greens such as Evelyn which I explained in my last post. Plus the fact that Rigard exists in purple. Its not JUST about the stats, its about viability and synergy with whats available. Plus, as i said, I think there is an argument for Sabina as well.

Honestly I was hoping to discuss which is my best future green hero for war. I thought the choices would be between Lianna, mother and Evelyn . I need just one tonic to level one of the three.

It’s more like Evelyn and mother or lianna not melandor. Would I ever pair melandor with Evelyn instead of the other two green heroes?

My vote is Evelyn. For wars, where you want to stack against tanks, we see a lot of blue tanks. One recent opponent had an all tanks are blue strategy

Teaming Evelyn with othe greens like Caedmon or Melendor is great against a Boril tank. And because she is fast and enhances all your green hitters, you fire her first. She is great against blue titans too.

I have her at 2/60 and she is gradually getting fed and will get my first set of tonics. She will get shields in next day or two

Lianna is wonderful but one dimensional. Evelyn makes your other heroes better when stacking

If you could both, do it. But I would put Evelyn up first

If you pair Evelyn with Lianna in the same war attack, then Better to level Lianna. For defense, Lianna is better too as she can quickly take out opponents. Also Evelyn’s green debuff is not as useful on defense as there are no tiles to buff.

I have the same debate and I’m likely to go with Lianna.

As for MN, I haven’t faced her enough yet to say and I don’t have MN to gauge her.

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Personally Lianna is getting my tonics first. I think Evelyn will do just fine at 3/70 as long as her skill is maxed out. That puts her at her max potential and makes her even that much better with Evelyn.

Yeah I might be biased, I have 2 Evelyn but zero Lianna

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Lianna was the first 5* I started working on. I guess i lucked out when I pulled Magni and then her. I have one Evelyn, but she is still at 1/1 tor me. I have so many green projects right now though. Mostly my Evelyn is gonna see a lot of blue titans. Of course eventually she will be getting a spot on a team for war, but my purpose is not for her to be on my defense lineup there.
If she was and I was gonna pair her with Lianna, i would still choose Lianna first. She needs the extra stats taking her to max will give her.

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