Kadilen or Evelyn

I have a raid defense team of Sartana, Isarnia , Kashreq, Zimkitha, Jackal fully powered up and a raid offense team of Sartana, Isarnia, Kiril, Zimkitha, Jackal.

I have the tools to fully power up a green hero and green 5 stars I can max are Kadilen or Evelyn. Which one should I level up for above teams? Evelyn seems like a better choice but since I have Isarnia its elemental debuff seems to have less value for me.

Wait for another green is an option as well.


Is weak atm for arenas.
Tank? no no. She dies 2 hits, her def/hp are lower than tanks by far.

Fast charger? Not fast enough.

Ability useful? 3 turns make it complete crap. It should be 5. Sonya strips her anyway.

Evelyn is a better hero than Kadilen. I don’t think Kadilen is worth the tonics.

Without another green offensive hero however, her special would not give full benefit for you immediately with the other heroes you have maxed.

You could consider either leveling her to max, or level to 3/70 and see if you can get more greens (Lianna for example) by that time. She would be certainly beneficial for you on the long run.

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