Kashrek or Lianna on defense

Lianna is 4/68 which is good enough to put on defense but that means I’d have to take Kashrek out. Considering my 3 other leveled 5* aren’t healers and I wouldn’t want to use Kiril and Khiona on the same team, I’d be using a team of only hitters and no healer with sonya, Marjana, khiona, drake and Lianna. So should I even put Lianna on defense or just leave kashrek as tank?

Use team wothout Kash, Khiona cana can be good tank woth her attack and healing(for purples) buffs. If you can’t kill her before her shot you probably dead.
Try your new team and watch cups :slight_smile:

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Use Drake as a tank.

Changing sonya to kiril is better

So the lineup will be

Kiril, marjana, drake, khiona, lianna

Kiril overwrites khiona’s buff though.

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I don’t think that is true? But I don’t have khiona so I can’t check. But if my understanding of what overwrites what is correct then khionas buff is enhanced by kiril not overwriten.

Don’t worry about that, it cannot be guaranteed that kiril and khiona always charge at the same time and shot their special at the same time.

Consider the good case that kiril and khiona will buff ur team entire time if they charged not in the same time. And also remember the case that if khionna buffed first the opponent will immediately debuff her. But what if after khiona buff, opponent debuff, then suddently kiril ready to charge, and buff your teams again and the enemies has lost their debuff chance? Isn’t it great?

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The attack buff of khiona and Kiril won’t stack. If Kiril fires after khiona, he’ll overwrite her massive buff. So instead of +45% and the additional +20% each time those heroes get hit, it’ll just be +30%

I’m sure sometimes the attacker can debuff but I don’t think they always can debuff. You need mana to cast specials :wink: I don’t think Kiril and khiona on the same team is good because then my own heroes are clashing with eachother

You may be right… but kionnas buff icon is different to kirils, (because they are different buffs) if when you play them both, both sybmols are showing at once, then both are active and complimenting each other. If one symbol disappears when the other is cast, then you are correct.

I would use your left team for raid defense, but your Kashrek team for war defense, depending on your alliance’s strength and if you coordinate tank colors or not.
In wars, Kashrek will probably be a lot tougher to break through once they get to there 2nd and 3rd waves with weaker heroes.
In our alliance, when we are out of good targets, we prioritize those without healers, as even with weak teams you can ware them down and get the kill using fewer flags.

Kashrek is a good 4star on defense, but you don’t really need to use him with your current lineup.

Kiril’s atk buff does overwrite Khiona’s berserker rage buff. SWEG is correct in this. That’s been a thing since version 1.2 iirc, even though the icon is different, an attack buff will overwrite a berserker buff, and vice versa.

Though honestly that isn’t necessarily an issue. If you put Kiril in the left wing / flank, and Khiona in the middle, the defense AI is bound to get off Khiona’s buff more than Kiril’s. Khiona’s buff lasts for 2 turns too, which is better on defense because of tile damage stacking it higher.

What I would do:
Marjana | Kirril | Khiona | Drake Fong | Lianna

For war, I’d consider doing Kashrek instead as he’s a lot harder to kill with weaker heroes than Khiona is. Though that depends how strong your alliance is too.

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