5* Green Dilemma

I already have a fully ascended Lianna and Evelyn.
I recently pulled a Morgan.

I also have dupe Lianna and Evelyn.

Should I:

  • up another Lianna?
  • up another Evelyn?
  • up the newly obtained Morgan?
  • wait for another “better” green to appear?


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To be honest I think leveling another Evelyn has its merit because we got full value of her special that way…

We see in the highest ranking teams 2 panthers and this case is the same!!!

You can go for the 2 options( level another Evelyn or wait another green) since we don’t know who is the next green, welll, I know and he is good…


Lianna is a beast, if you’re triple stacking green and bring Evelyn and two Lianna’s along, that’s gonna drop defenders like flies

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What TP of teams are you generally competing against in AW? Blue tanks tend to disappear beyond a certain point, and thus the value of multiple Evelyns drops a bit. Liana, on the other hand, always hits like a truck.

My alliance is in the middle range. But teams I fight are usually in the TP of 3700-4000+ during AW. They definitely have a few at my level.

I like to have different heroes instead of duplicates and despite the common rating (almost) in to good and bad heroes, every maxed 5* can be fun to play with the right board, which typically overcompensates the base values.
So my advice would be to max Morgan; I play one myself, she is good enough for tonics.


Like @Katja66 said, Im voting for Morgan, she is one of the best and most annoing wing in war, I have sometimes problem with her beacuse she’s speciall can’t be removed. I think Lianna and Evelyn can be better than her in raids. Aaaaaand I like event heroes :relaxed:

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I like Morgan too. She’s pretty good on offense and defense.

Or wait for Atlantis to reopen. Maybe you’ll get Tarlak…

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