Advice on green 5*

My f2p alt has a rather unusual collection of green.

It has Evelyn and Kad maxed.
Then it has Horghall, Elk and Evelyn #2 ( both single draws!.. and no, the main account didn’t get her)
Tc20 has failed to give me Lianna, but I live in hope

I am up to 11 tonics so can afford to level one more even if Lianna eventually appears.
Evelyn is clearly the best hero, but do I do a second or someone else for variety?

Elk, since Eve followed by Elk will almost kill a whole wing.


I did a second Evelyn and have no complaints. An extra dispeller for war is great and her damage is still pretty high. They work pretty well together. I still haven’t gotten a Lianna or Elk for that matter.

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I would probably go with Elkanen for the variety, and he does make a good combo with Evelyn ( not that I have her, but I’ve been smacked by it in raids).

He’s also useful in Trials of Piety.

I forgot… The alt also has Margaret. Does that change the advice? (Also shows how I rate her!)

Maybe wait until costumes and see if you happen to get lucky with tokens on a Kadilen or Elkanen costume? Otherwise, even though Eve #2 is probably the smart choice I like variety better and would go Elkanen in your shoes.


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