Version 49 Release Notes & Status


2022-06-09T08:25:00Z: Version 49 is now fully released on both platforms. Please update your game!
2022-06-08T11:00:00Z: iOS rollout has started.
2022-06-06T12:00:00Z: Android rollout has started. We hope to do the same for iOS soon.

Release Notes


Legends of Kalevala


Join the heroes of Kalevala in their epic journey to the North!

  • All-new Seasonal Event

    • 60 new stages divided into 3 difficulties, featuring:
      • Rarity restrictions
      • Linear progression
      • Fantastic rewards!
    • (NEW) Stage Property: Puukko Bombs
      • Puukko Bombs explode and damage your team when the counter runs out
      • Match 5 Puukko Bombs to build up and unleash a Puukko Storm!
      • Puukko Storm deals 15% max health damage to all enemies AND lowers their defense by -30% for 3 turns
  • New Kalevala Heroes

    • Legendary
      • Väinämöinen
      • Louhi
      • Kullervo
      • Iku-Turso
      • Aino
      • Ilmarinen
    • Epic
      • Lemminkäinen
      • Mielikki
    • Rare
      • Joukahainen
      • Para
  • New Kalevala Family

    • Event Hero Bonus
      • Kalevala Heroes are stronger when used in Kalevala stages
    • Family Bonus
      • Hero takes less direct damage from Special Skills of the element they’re weak to
      • Bonus for 1 Hero: -10% less damage
      • Bonus for 2 Heroes: -25% less damage
      • Bonus for 3+ Heroes: -40% less damage
    • Passive: Power of Sisu
      • When this character starts a turn with low health for the first time during a battle, they recover 15% health and receive 15% mana

Challenge Festival II


ANOTHER mix-up in the space-time continuum? Surely not!

  • New Stages

    • 30 new stages divided into 3 difficulties
    • New Stage Property: League of Villains
      • All Heroes take a small amount of Poison damage every turn
      • Divine Smite gains a charge each time you use a Battle Item or a Special Skill. If neither is used during your turn, Divine Smite loses a charge. Upon reaching 10 charges, all charges are consumed and Divine Smite deals damage to all enemies.
    • Quality-of-life addition: Recommended Team Power
      • Shown for each stage
      • We are considering adding this feature to other Challenge Events as well
  • New Challenge Festival Summon

    • Includes all Heroes from:
      • League of Villains
      • Slayers of the Fell Shadows
      • Starfall Circus
    • Includes the new Bard Heroes
      • Bard Family Effect
        • All allied Heroes who are NOT being used alongside another member of their Family receive +5% mana generation
  • New Bard Heroes

    • Legendary
      • Narsica
      • Phenexa
      • Rhys
      • Winifred
    • Epic
      • Zhabog

Valhalla Forever


  • New Costumes (available from July 4, 07:00 UTC onwards!)
    • Skadi
    • Gullinbursti
    • Sumle
    • Bjorn
    • Kvasir

Dynasty of Dunes


  • (NEW) Season Hero Bonus
    • Season V Heroes get +20% attack, defense, and health in Season V Provinces
    • We are considering adding this mechanic to other Seasons as well
  • (NEW) Missions for Provinces 10–18
  • New Hero
    • Bennu

Atlantis Rises


  • New Hero
    • Oceanus


  • Master Trainer Heroes
    • 4 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic (just like Trainer Heroes)
    • Will provide bonus XP regardless of element (just like Trainer Troops)
  • Time Skip
  • Starter Quest & Starter Pass
    • Will guide new players and accelerate their progression through the early game


  • Adjustment to Sun & Moon Family Bonus
    • OLD: Activates immediately upon taking damage
    • NEW: Activates after the incoming Special Skill ends
  • Adjustment to Villain Family Bonus
    • Activates for: 2/3 Heroes → 1/2/3 Heroes
    • Chance to heal: 20%/40% → 10%/30%/50%
    • Heals for: 30%/60% of damage dealt → 15%/35%/70% of damage dealt



  • Added “This Special Skill can’t be copied” to Kalø’s Special Skill description for clarity
  • Cooldown for Mystic Vision ads reduced to 2 hours


  • Fixed a PvE-specific bug that would trigger when Kalø cast a fallen ally’s Special Skill after already having defeated the last enemy standing in a wave
  • Fixed a visual bug in which Sand Empire enemies would seem to not properly recover from the effects of Magic Lamp and Magic Hourglass tiles
  • Lady Locke’s Special Skill animation no longer occasionally malfunctions when she fails to inflict her status ailment to an enemy
  • Passives dependent on enemy Minion/Fiend summons (e.g., Noor’s, Viscaro’s) no longer incorrectly activate even when the summoning fails

The end date for Legends of Kalevala has been adjusted.