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Hello folks

I understand this is yet another Valor post but I want to create a poll to understand how most of the folks feel about the valor pass. This poll can also give players feedback to SG before going through 1000s of comments from other posts.

Personally I have withholded from buying to see if I can complete!!!

  • Purchased and confident to complete
  • Purchased and I regret
  • Purchased and I don’t mind completion
  • Will buy if I complete lvl 50
  • F2P we never buy

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Purchased on my main account, where I thought I can complete it. I still see no obstacles there.

Not purchased on my alt account and it’s still unlikely that I can finish a legendary event…didn’t manage the last time and I still don’t have the heroes for it besides Proteus. So after revealing that the third stage of challenge event in POV is needed to complete POV, I’m glad, I didn’t buy :slight_smile:

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Im worried about the titan completion. Ive already missed one and I hate bouncing in and out of my alliance to hit other titans.

Other than that, it seems very doable. However, it doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal for lower level players.


If you missed only one in 10 days you shouldn’t worry, you have to kill 35 in ~7 weeks which means you can let 2 titans a week go and you’ll be fine.

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I adapted your poll for my friends responses:


You forgot
“will never buy because I won’t support killing harmless animals flying over my stronghold”



I have no regrets buying it this first time. I’ll see if I can complete PoV before deciding if the rewards for not completing it are worth it, for next time.

With season 3 coming I need to start thinking where it’s best to spend my budget!


I prob won’t buy this unless I complete it then maybe not depends on cash.
Season 3 I can having a deal similar to season 2 plus there is coins aswell for S3. Iv only S2 level 8 hard so I can still get coins for Atlantis which I’ll prob only use from now on.
Save gems for S3 or events.

I will not buy again because I have to leave my alliance in order to finish it. Too many titan kills to complete it unless you go merc. Very bad idea that was!


Haven’t bought it yet because I’m not confident I’ll be able to complete tourneys. I have seen some posts claiming you need to survive 3/5 on each tourney, but I have never kept track of whether historically I have been able to achieve that (consistently) or not.

I think I’m never going to buy Valor Pass upfront regardless because this game is 2ndary for me compared to many things in life. Can’t exactly predict if I’ll be able to complete it or not, so to me it makes sense to financially evaluate and purchase on last day.

100% agree. I don’t regret buying it but i won’t buy it again unless the titan level requirements are dropped/changed

Tbh i won’t spend any money on anything until this is addressed. I think pov is otherwise a fine addition to the game but this titan requirement just left such a sour taste in my mouth and really makes me doubt the future of “ftp/ctp friendly” features in a more cynical way than i like in my entertainment. the attitudes of the small minority of vocal players in this forum able to complete this titan task has definitely confirmed that i have no interest in mercing/leaving my weak ~4 man alliance, and has actually started to turn me off of this game in general. I’ve left many other games over player/dev indifference to low/mid level players’ concerns and the lack of response to those concerns re alchemy lab and now here doesn’t bode well to me. Oh well. Just the first implementation of the feature so I’ll give them a chance or two to get it right in future but I’m not holding my breath.


Why do you feel you need to complete the POV? It’s not designed for everyone to complete; not completing it doesn’t mean you failed - it just means you have something to attain in the future. Everyone seems to think POV is all-or-nothing…

Agree totally! Although I contribute to everything, it adds a layer of pressure esp if you have a RL disruption.
Think I’ll wait until the end to buy next time

I am very stingy with my spending here. 3x the cheap deal for VIP month, gem deals that gift your alliance mates, the odd other gem deals.

The valor pass represents 50% of what I have spent in two years. I am not spending that 6x a year. Sorry SGG, not for me.

It’s a good deal IN GENERAL, it’s just not a good deal TO ME.

Is this a real question? I guess I’ll spell out the most obvious answer i can imagine: I need 4 star mats and emblems. As i mentioned elsewhere, tying progress-limiting mats to 100% completion of this level-based titan challenge is poorly thought-out at best. If the last 5~6 levels of the path were purely cosmetic or nice-to-have rewards (eg avatars, high level trainers, 5 star battle items, pins, etc) then i wouldn’t care at all about completion and thus those titan challenge points would be moot, but for me those 4 star mats are key to my progression and that’s what irks me about this. Since players in this forum generally can’t seem to understand differing viewpoints (“hurr you’re playing the game wrong if you can’t do this” “derp why do you think you should get everything right away?” “Hurr casuals thinking they should get rewards in a game, lololol amirite” “no shortcuts for f2p/c2p i had to earn my progress right guys”) all that’s left is to talk with my wallet, and ultimately my account if these simple concerns aren’t addressed. I bought the pass to show initial support for a good idea, but i feel like it needs some tweaking and isn’t good enough for me to continue showing support for in its present state


As stated, my option is not there. I expect to get to level 50, but have not bought yet. I plan to hold out on buying til the end, but yes I do expect to buy. But I do not have to get to 50. It’s possible I may but at 49, or 48, or…

This is closer to where I’m at.

When I did the math, as long as you’re confident you can hit tier 20 where you’re awarded 300 gems, then you break even.

Valor Pass = $10 for 300 gems + 1 EHT to start = at least 560 gems in value
Tier 3 awards ETT = 160 gems at least
Tier 4 awards 100 gems
Tier 7 awards EHT = 260 gems at least
Tier 8 awards WE flask = 100 gems
Tier 15 awards 100 Atlantis coins = 280 gems at least
Tier 17 awards Raid flask = 100 gems
Tier 19 awards 10 challenge coins = 260 gems at least
Tier 20 awards 300 gems

Total: 2120 gems in value if you purchase the Valor pass. Using the most favorable valuation of half a cent per gem (from the Atlantis gem deals), that still comes out to $10.60 in value, which has already surpassed the $10 you paid for the Valor pass.

Not to mention this calculation uses the most favorable gem values for each level (e.g. using the discounted gem value for 10 pulls or 30 Atlantis pulls and applying that to a single pull, which is pricier), and also values the gems based on the most favorable deal possible. Plus all the extra food/iron bundles, loot tickets, trainer heroes, and 15 barbarian emblems you get along the way to tier 20 is certainly worth something too (I just can’t put a gem value on them).

tl;dr As long as you’re confident you can hit tier 20, the Valor pass will already have paid for itself.


7% percent of voters don’t care for mats. Interesting. It’s the only reason I’m jumping through these hoops for now. Most likely won’t care about next PoV. Feels too much like a job. Fun is gone, has been for ages.

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Totally agree, after the first couple of days, it’s become more of a chore. I play everyday, many hours per day. And even then I’m not thinking I’ll get those much needed mats. The wording of what was needed got me as well. There are people who are dedicated to the game by playing a great deal, many many hours invested, but because we don’t pay the really big bucks we will not be able to finish. I can’t afford to keep buying my way to getting all the tournament wins, as an example. And I refuse to throw other alliance members under the titan bus by leaving them to go merc. Yes, that’s my decision, but I try to lead by example. An alliance is a team, and when they start bailing to go merc, then the team falls apart.
Maybe the people who go merc should not get the titan counted unless they were in the alliance when it spawned.

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