🧭 How would you feel about Valor Points being available for purchase?

As we approach the last week of the first Path of Valor, and everyone likely has a fairly good sense of whether they’ll reach Milestone 50 or not, I’m wondering how people feel about the possibility of Valor Points being available for purchase.

To be clear, I have no specific reason to believe they will be, as we never saw such a mechanism in Beta — but offers also aren’t normally tested in Beta, so it’s not unimaginable either.

And some other games with similar events also sell points, so it’s possible Small Giant may follow in their footsteps.

:ballot_box: Some Polls

Would you consider buying Valor Points if they were offered for sale?

  • Yes, I would buy them if I thought the price were reasonable and I needed them to reach Milestone 50, or another Milestone I wanted the rewards from
  • Yes, but only because I bought the Valor Pass before realizing I won’t be able to reach Milestone 50 and now I feel stuck
  • No, because I won’t need Valor Points to reach Milestone 50 or the Milestone I want to get to, but might consider them in a future Path of Valor if needed
  • No, I would never buy them no matter what, even if it meant missing out on rewards I wanted, because I’m opposed to the idea, or opposed to paying for them

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Regardless of whether you would personally buy them, do you think Valor Points being available for sale is a good idea?

  • Yes, I think Valor Points should be able to be purchased by players who want to buy them
  • No, I think selling Valor Points is inappropriate
  • I’m not sure, or I’m indifferent

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If you were to consider buying Valor Points, how many would you potentially want to buy, assuming the price were worth it?

  • Under 1500
  • 1500-2500
  • 2500-3500
  • 3500-4500
  • 4500-5500
  • 5500-6500
  • Over 6500
  • Zero: I just want to reiterate that I would never buy Valor Points no matter what

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Assuming Valor Points were available for purchase, how many do you think should be the maximum number offered?

  • As many as desired, with no limit
  • As many as needed, but only if the player is forced to buy exactly the number they need to reach Milestone 50; choosing to buy up to a lower Milestone shouldn’t be allowed
  • Enough to make up for multiple missed Tiers of Valor Challenges, and/or multiple missed Daily Challenges, but not an unlimited amount
  • Only enough to make up for missing a single Tier of a single Valor Challenge, with everything else completed
  • Only enough to make up some missed Daily Challenges, but not enough to make up any Tier of any Valor Challenge
  • I reject the premise of the question, and will reiterate that no Valor Points should be available for purchase

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Is your opinion about buying Valor Points at all affected by whether you think that would be a valorous act? In other words, is the name relevant to your thinking, and would a different name possibly have made you think differently about it?

  • Yes, the name strongly impacts my thinking about whether Valor Points should be available for purchase, and I would likely think differently if they were called somewhat else
  • Yes, the name somewhat impacts my thinking
  • No, the name doesn’t impact my thinking, I’d have the same opinion no matter what they were called
  • I don’t know, or I hadn’t thought about it

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:left_speech_bubble: Share your thoughts and reasoning below!


As a f2p I won’t be purchasing anything. But understand this is s business and can sell anything they want. The only way i would object is if someone else being able to buy directly impacts my enjoyment of the game. And even then I wouldn’t mind i would just move on to another game

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Buying some points against a disappointment wouldn’t harm anything. I would, if I was a few points short. A holiday or some other off periods could be bought away.


I also have a feeling that eventually there could be some sort of POV points for sale. I started to think that when I saw the You wont finish POV thread and felt the developers would likely react to it. Especially since a lot of people purchased without realizing it would be harder to finish than they expected. People who already bit the bullet might be willing to spend to finish since they already committed to it. I have no problem with that.

I had hope that maybe towards the end they would introduce some sort of bonus mission but it would make more sense to monetize the need for more points. Maybe they’ll charge for the opportunity to unlock extra missions :thinking:


To me Path of Valor is: I have to work hard to win the PoV.

To buy points is nonsense on this case. I spent and spending now some euro with very pleasure, but please not for the path :slightly_smiling_face:


My big concern with making Valor points available for purchase is that would be another step toward pay-to-win and could create an even bigger gap between the whales and f2p players.


My advice is: make the possibility to buy the PoV pass, only the first week.

So players will take them responsibility and they’ll risk to buy it quickly or not, without the possibility to choose it at the end.

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I do not think selling valor points is either appropriate or required and nor will it help those complaining they can’t complete challenges.

I have 3 acc’s, one will complete it without issues and the other will not but I never buy Valor points because of it.

If Valor points are sold it will also IMO only make it easier for big spenders to complete the PoV quicker. It will also probably create an opportunity to increasing the difficulty of the PoV by SG in encourage spending and would surely come up as an excuse for complainers not competing it without a doubt.
I think SG should maybe add to the PoV name something like “Loyalty Program” as might divert players from thinking it a must do challenge that they have to achieve in the game get ahead.

But having said all that, I believe that if for any reason they where to introduce such a offer it should only be done in one way and ONE WAY ONLY and that is;

At the very end on the 50th day when the PoV’s time has lapsed an offer could be made to purchase the remaining Valor points required to reach the final tier which also includes/incorporates the PoV Pass offer. By doing this you avoid players also complain they are needing to spend twice and/or still purchasing the the pass and then need to spend more to buy points.

This way it still encourages players to log in daily and want to get as much done as possible to keep the final cost of the VIP Pass down based on how many points they require to complete it, those that have completed it only pay the normal VIP Pass cost.

All in all to void players being unaware of weather they can complete the PoV and purchasing it to soon and then complaining about it, I would make the VIP Pass only available at the very end.


I think it’s a bad idea

If implemented it will only lead to the increase of the challenges in order to increase the sales of the points

It would open a door we don’t want opened…same one we saw opened with emblems

Most of us have accepted the emblem purchases due to the small quantities and due to feeling they were inevitable anyways

We already have the p2w rewards in path of valor subscription

We don’t need to go beyond that. Very little accomplishments in this game that can’t just be flat out bought, this is one of those things and should remain that way. Even the summon challenges are doable by f2p as far as i know. Make the points buyable and that’ll all dissipate.

The rewards for the pay version would increase, the points needed to complete valor would increase, the difficulty of the challenges would increase beyond the means of quite a few players

Bad idea.

I get it that not all players have the capability to finish valor right now and some may have shot themselves in the foot somewhere down the line that prevents them from finishing, but if this door gets opened they’ll be in the same dilemma every valor…swallow the bullet this time even though it really sucks and just do better next time or the time after etc


As I have understood PoV, it was meant to be a reward for daily, active play, and to a lesser extent longevity in the game. It was supposed to reward commitment and effort. It was supposed to be something that could be completed without spending, assuming that you’ve been playing long enough to complete challenge events and down 6* titans. If valor points were available for purchase, it would feel like a slap in the face to all of those players who have struggled and completed the challenge events , or fought hard and stayed in the raid tournaments, or ground Atlantis and Challenge coins for that one last summon. It would cheapen the accomplishment.


To be very honest, I do not see the point of creating a new event to then allow purchase of points to complete the event to win awards. You might just as well put the rewards in the shop for players to purchase on an individual basis.
What next, a pass being made available to purchase a completion of a rare/epic/legendary event level?
It’s just wrong


Firstly, congrats :wink: on the new title.

Back on topic… Why monetize an event that is meant to reward daily active play? :woman_shrugging:.


A buck a day keeps activity away. :wink:

I grant it to everyone, no matter if played or bought through. :rofl:


I will not buy because I’m f2p.
As a business I would offer the ability to buy them. If I were them I may not make it an easy “pay $ for points”, but maybe something more like pay for more daily challenges.


I would say I am strongly opposed to the idea. I do not like the idea of the valor points being sold because imo, it cheapens the reason to even do it.


Exactly. That’s why the summons challenge left a sour taste in my mouth. That’s not really a test of Valor, or even of persistence or dedication. It’s just a test of wallet size


It doesn’t bother me as long as it’s doable by f2p

If it’s not then yea it should be adjusted or removed


Selling Valor points pretty much betrays the spirit of Path of Valor (this isn’t Path of Biggest Wallet yo).

That being said, I’m missing one daily challenge away from not being to get those 80 barbarian emblems I so desperately need for Grimm, so yes I would cowardly purchase valor points if they were offered for sale, but only enough to get me to tier 48.


The only reason I voted that they should be allowed to be purchased (in limited counts) is for that person who is killing it every day, well on track to complete the entire path, and then has a life-event pop up that keeps them from doing X or Y. Maybe a car accident; double-shift at work; etc. Having that ability to buy just a few (maybe with gems vice $$$) would help when that occurs.

I’ll comfortably complete the POV in the next few days. But for those folks that spent weeks acing everything but are just one bit short due to [life event here], it’d be nice to give an alternative means to ensure it wasn’t all for naught. And yes, I know there are rewards along the way, but tier 50 is the (current) gold.


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