A Guide to the New Alchemy Lab (v30, 2020-06-17)

The newest version of E&P makes some major changes to the Alchemy Lab. In particular, the production times and costs have changed (mostly lowered across the board, making both higher-level recipes and alkashards in general much more accessible. In addition, the alkashard combine option has been modified to make emblem production a much more attractive option.

This guide uses the costs, times, and rewards from the beta beat: :test_tube: Early Information on “IMPROVED” Alchemy Lab [Part of The Beta Beat v30], as well as observations made since then, such as recipe 1B being more expensive than in the Beta. Thanks to @zephyr1 for all their hard work documenting and presenting all of this information. Also thanks to @Druid for his post below regarding crafting/ascension material use over time; I hadn’t actually anticipated this being an issue, and knowing that it absolutely is changes my recommendations a bit.

The big cuts to costs and times make the new Alchemy Lab a very interesting deal, especially for F2P and C2P players, as it opens a new avenue to farm emblems, and previously un-farmable 3-star and 4-star ascension mats. With that in mind, here is a quick analysis on what is and is not worth your time and investment.

  • The cheapest in terms of food is 1B: 500 food per shard, 2 shards per hour. Efficient farmers will have that running 24/7; it’s the TC11 of the Alchemy Lab. EDIT 6/22/20: It has been brought to our attention that AL 1B has been boosted in price to 1800 food, which brings 1B’s efficiency down to 900 food per shard. Still nearly twice as good as any other level, but less useful than before. Also, as mentioned in @Druid’s post this recipe burns through 1-star crafting materials at a far higher rate than most people acquire them, so it’ll probably be necessary to alternate between this and another recipe.
  • In terms of efficiency there’s a sort of sweet spot at 4B, 5B and 6B: roughly 1k food per shard, 2.5-2.7 shards per hour.
  • It’s important to note that 5B also costs the Iron needed to craft the uncommon battle items in the first place: 7 bear banners costs 40530 iron (since I’m assuming you’re going to throw bear banners into this rather than something more expensive). It does, however, output a 3* battle item which is either more expensive or costs food to produce, so frankly that’s pretty much a wash; no one is substantively short on iron in the late game anyway, and being able to effectively purchase Revive scrolls and Super Antidotes using iron is a pretty good deal. Crafting material burn rate is going to be a problem with this recipe as well; in particular this recipe burns through 10 Metal Ores per day, which is more than most people earn through regular play. Farming S1-P15 and S2-P3/11 is recommended.
  • Levels 7 and 8 have a big drop in efficiency for not much shard gain. 8B is also less interesting than 5B, because to feed it you need to sacrifice 5 Bomb attacks for 169K iron, which is a fairly significant sum even if iron is easier to come by than food in the late game.
  • Level 9A bumps up to 3.1 shards per hour, but at more than double the food cost of 2.7k food per shard. Only take this if you literally have nothing better to do with your food (yeah, right!)
  • 10A costs roughly 14 gems per day, which you can get at F2P if you’re lucky but is probably unsustainable without regularly putting cash in. On the other hand it’s a massively more efficient 6.25 shards per hour and costs only 119 food per shard, so in that sense you get what you pay for.
  • 10B is a definitely unsustainable 28.5 gem per day burn rate, but also produces 6.25 shards per hour and costs only 214 food per shard.

Bottom line (Edited 6/22/20 for clarity): for F2P / C2P players I’d recommend loading up on 5B, both for the item generation and the alkashards, plus some combination of either 1B, 4B, 6B, and 10A as appropriate. 4B, 5B and 6B are the best balance of value-for-time-and-food; 1B is cheaper but slightly slower, and 10A is much faster at generating shards but costs gems so isn’t really appropriate for F2P. Also keep in mind that 1B and 5B are going to be limited in terms of the number of crafting materials that people receive: 1B burns through 144 1-star ingredients per day, and 5B burns through 10 metal ores, 5 crystal shards, and 5 mushrooms per day for bear banners.

This should net you roughly 1 pull at the alkashard lottery every 6 days or so when not spending gems, or roughly twice a week when throwing gems into 10A/B, at a cost of roughly 10% of your food production (7.2k food per hour) if you’ve maxed all your farms, advanced farms, and Watchtower.


Thanks for the tip! I doubt I can build the AL if I am chasing the HA. I know HA is useless and all but it seems a bit of a waste for me to wait all this time (omitting AL) and to switch to AL. Let’s see how I go…I can change minds pretty quickly sometimes…

That said I have too many mats and not enough heroes so HA it probably is, even though it is pretty terrible

My opinion on this is that HA is the new AL, and of marginal use (I will eventually build for level 9, as yellow and purple mana troops elude me).

AL, on the other hand, is a slow but steady source for emblems and occasional 4* materials. And I find emblems are a big limiter for improving 5* to me.


Thanks for this guide and for doing the math, @TheEyes. When I saw the dramatic drop in alkshard requirements, I had the notion that, as F2P, I could probably get something decent out for free in a not-too-awful timeframe. Wasn’t thinking 6 days (expected longer) but there ya go. If I’m gonna build and run HA 10 constantly for a 5% shot at a non-classic hero, I should at least do the same with alkashard farming for a 5% chance at an unfarmable 4-star mat! And the consolation prize is emblems, not Horghall!

Now I’m starting to wonder if I should prioritize a few levels of AL over building the HA and taking it to level 10 straight-away, especially as I still have some storage and house upgrades to do. But I’m still missing any green legendary, so I hate to delay HA much further than the ridiculous time it already takes. If only Lianna would pop out of one of my TC20s and make the decision easier!


thanks for the write up. Just one thing: i’m not 100% positive but i think you can’t run 3 recipes at once in the new AL, and your number of days per thousand of alkashards seems off by that three factor. thanks again for the the good work.

You can, that was added back in Beta.


nice! I couldn’t even wonder about it being so fast!

I agree with zephyr - you CAN run three actions at once. If we’re really trying for maximal precision here it may be worth adding that you can only do one RESEARCH at a time. And that research counts as one of your three actions.

Another way of saying that:

  • Allowed: One research, two Alkashard producing recipes
  • Allowed: Zero researches, three Alkashard producing recipes
  • NOT allowed: two researched and one Alkashard producing recipes
  • NOT allowed: three researches and zero Alkashard producing recipes

All of this is assuming you have AL built to level 10, of course.


Also worth noting that you cannot research AND improve it (raise them level) at the same time.

Which is why noting that you can’t do multiple researches is good to know.

This is a very nice write-up. As a newer player, any advice on what buildings to prioritize? Have my farms at 20, mines almost there, 2nd TC almost to 20, and am about to upgrade to SH 21. I know it will take months, but it’s really hard to know what’s worth investing into.

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Depends on whether you’re entirely F2P or paying for the VIP with the second builder. If you’re on the VIP plan then you want to maximize mines and iron storage first, as two builders will eat up your iron fast, especially at higher levels of building, If you’re not then you can back off on mines a little earlier, since you’ll be saturating your iron storage pretty much constantly.

As for other things to build, I’d rate it as:

  • Farms, then
  • Food storage and the first two TCs at 20, the third at 11, the fourth at 2 = enough houses to store at least 100 recruits for TC20, then
  • Forge 18 (time stop is a huge advantage for boss fights), then
  • Barracks
  • Hunter’s Lodge 1 for harpoons
  • Advanced house 3 for auto-generating recruits
  • Then Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy, and more housing to get up to 300 recruits

That’s mostly my intuitition and how I played, however; I haven’t really done a detailed study on truly optimal build patterns.


Thanks for the analysis, @TheEyes. :+1:
I am wondering whether there might be a minor mistake in the quoted stats. Where does the 5% probability come from? As far as i know, the chance for a 4* AM from the transmutation of 1000 Alkashards should equal 10% - and hence is comparable to the drop rate it was before. Maybe this was mixed up with the 5% chance on a 4* AM from recipe 10A? :thinking:

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I don’t know; 5% was the number quoted to me by beta players. @zephyr1, is the 5% figure correct for alkashard combinations, or do we not know for sure?

Have done some further analysis on all levels of AL. Wanted to understand how long the ingredient supplies would last running 24/7.

The table below is based on my item supplies after 1.5 years and basically suggests 4b and 6b are the ones that can be kept running. Of course everyone will have different ingredient supply figures. In any case, just another dimension for each person to consider.

Lvl Shard Per Hr Shard Week Food Efficiency Alchemy Lab Transmutation Notes
1a 2 336 2k food per shard 1* Craft to different1* Craft item Using Common Herbs (12 items per hour) 30k items will last around 30 days
1b 2 336 900 food per shard 1* Craft to 2* Crafting item Using Common Herbs (12 items per hour) 30k items will last only 100 days
2a 2 336 2.5k food per shard 1* Battle to different 1* battle item Supplies may be low as used often in game, but last longer than 2b
2b 2 336 900 food per shard 1* Battle to 2* battle item Supplies may be way too low as used often in game
3a 2.33 391 2.2k food per shard 1* Asc to different 1* Asc. Could use Rugged Clothes or Traning Manuals (1.2 items per hour; your supplies will last about a year)
3b 2.33 391 1k food per shard 1* Asc to 2* Asc. Item Could use Rugged Clothes or Traning Manuals (6 items per hour; 30k items will last 200 days)
4a 2.5 420 2.13k food per shard 2* Craft to different 2* Crafting item Could use Firestone, Potent Leaves, Crystal Shard, Sunspire Feathers (0.75 items per hour) likely to have 3 years supplies
4b 2.5 420 1k food per shard 2* Craft to 3* Crafting item Could use Firestone, Potent Leaves, Crystal Shard, Sunspire Feathers (1.2 items per hour) likely to have 3 years supplies
5a 2.5 420 2.23k food per shard 2* Battle to different 2* battle item Supplies will last twice as long as 5b
5b 2.5 420 1k food per shard 2* Battle to 3* battle item Supplies may be too low as used often in game
6a 2.73 459 2.28k food per shard 2* Asc to different 2* Asc. Item Supplies will last around 4 times as long at 6b, i…e 8 years.
6b 2.73 459 1.1K food per shard 2* Asc to 3* Asc. Item Using Leather Armour, Strong Rope, Wooden Shield (1 item per hour) (Keep Arcane Script & Daggers for HA troop training) likely to have 2 years supplies
7a 2.8 470 2.54k food per shard 3* Craft to different 3* Craft item Using Fine Stell and Grimoire (Lumber and Midnight R. usually low), likely to have 3 year supply
7b 2.8 470 1.4k food per shard 3* Craft to 4* Crafting item Using Fine Stell and Grimoire (Lumber and Midnight R. usually low), likely to have 3 year supply
8a 2.8 470 2.75k food per shard 3* Battle to different 3* Battle item Similar supplies as 8b
8b 2.8 470 1.76k food per shard 3* Battle to 4* Battle item Using Dragon Banner (others items too low as used often), supplies last 10-20 days only
9a 3.125 525 2.8k food per shard 4* Craft to different 4* Craft item Use Dragon Bone, Meteor Frag., or Nugget, supllies last about 2-3 years
9b 3.125 525 2.85k food per shard 4* Battle to different 4* Battle item Use Dragon attack or Super Healing Potion. Supplies usually very low, may only last 2-3 weeks.
10a 6.25 1050 125 food per shard 3* Asc to non-farm 3* Asc. item Use Chainmail, Boots, Scabbard. Supplies last 2-3 years
10b 6.25 1050 214 food per shard 4* Asc to different 4* Asc. item 250 Gems, 256k Food

let’s say I am looking for 4* materials only and I do not care about food or iron. I would pick also 1 x 10A, to have a 5% chance of insta 4* MAT. Does it mean should I run 24h

  • 4B
  • 6B
  • 10A

As 4B and 6B could give me the most alkashards per hour?

If you don’t care about the costs in food and iron, you might also run level 9A/9B as these produce even a few more Alkashards - not that much that i would ever consider those horrible costs, but you were asking. :nerd_face:

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My beta testing from 130 odd combinations had it at 9%; I saw numbers ranging from 5-6% all the way to 15-20%…

At a GUESS I would say the number lies somewhere in the middle at about 10%; thus keeping the drop rate the same as the old shard reward ratio.


We don’t know for sure, but it’s likely something around that. I’ve been saying 5-10% as a guess.


Oh, that’s very interesting. I hadn’t really considered supplies of crafting/ascension mats, but you’re absolutely right that those will start to become an issue again. For 5B I can anticipate running very low on Metal Ores to buy Bear Banners; the burn rate there would be 10 per day if running 5B all day, and after roughly 21 months of play I’ve accumulated ~3500 of them, enough to run 5B for about a year.

Heh, guess S1-P15 and S2-P3/11 are going to suddenly become popular. :slight_smile:

Okay, great. Thank you both; I’ll be taking the warning off of the top post anyway, as the update has been forced as of this morning.

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refference: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1caec1tKxM82ZOfh28r-6Nessy9ZMgcaNbd9F_oKjuXY/edit#gid=215731833

ty @LEN1N78


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