Alkashard Combination Bug (V30). 1k Shards for old 10k Rewards (Working As Intended, Staff Response #24)

Moderator’s Note
Adding this later clarification from the OP that this was, in fact, not done 5 times:

Look at this Guvnor, I just did this 5 times and got 250 emblems. Same rewards for 1,000 shards compared to 10,000 shards used to be.



Ahh yeah… that seems a bug…

Seems that they have half-rolled out the changes… Awkies lol


Race now to cash in those shards before they fix it I guess!

Next time keep quiet and don’t ask if there is a bug :rofl: :sunglasses: :zipper_mouth_face:

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Hi people, the amount of shards changed from 10,000 to 1,000. I have 5,000 shards in my inventory does that mean I can combine 5 times and get 5 4* mats? Is it a bug or something?

No. It works out at about 1/10 to 1/20 combinations gives the 4* AM.

Personally for me in Beta I did 146 combinations total. Of those I took every 4* mat. Got 13 total 4* mats from combining Alkylshards; remaining 133 I took the emblems.

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No what I mean is: before I download the update I already have 5,000 shards in my inventory. After I download the update, can I use those 5,000 shards to combine 5 times to get 5 4* mats? (because they just changed to requirement to 1,000 shards only, instead of 10,000 shards) ???


Yes, you can combine your 5k shards 5 times.

NO you cannot get 5x 4* materials.

Why can you not get 5x 4* materials?

There isn’t a guaranteed “4* material slot” anymore. Slot 1 of the combination page has approx a 1/10 to 1/20 chance of having a 4* mat… rest of the time its another 3* material; same as slot 2.

Read more about the changes in the Alkashard Combination Rewards here:


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When you see a bug that can be exploited you could think about asking for a mod/Petri PM instead of going to post it and spread the awareness.

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I remember that when peoples abused of the 100exp=levelup troop’s bug the abusers got punished so it is wiser not to share bugs on the forum… (but directly to developers)

Not the player’s fault the devs can’t manage their bug reports or get an update rollout right

The bug has been reported.
Devs haven’t fixed it
And the official release notes don’t technically claim it is a bug…so for all others know it’s working as intended until an official response from SG says otherwise.

Things can change from beta upon live release is the common disclaimer SG and others love to use

So there ya go…

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In fairness; the Bug was reported at 04:30 Helsinki Time.

It’s not fixed as the Devs haven’t even gotten to work yet (Still 0630 helsinki time).

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Wasn’t assigning any fault. Just stating a fact.

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yea sounds like a management problem

Not the fault of the players

Multi million dollar company can’t hire a night shift? Lol

The fact is that their poor management is not my problem.

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Another fun fact:

Not the first update to rollout with issues…common sense would say “monitor for issues” which I’m 99.9% positive they’ve done in the past

Anymore excuses?

I wasn’t even sure it’s a bug. I got a few shards sitting around in my inventory since forever and suddenly after the update I can combine them into something. Thought it was part of the update.

Wonder how they will invert this? Or will they?

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Well turns out no bug and surprisingly u get a decent reward for the 1st 1k shards…then downhill from there…

It only works for the first 1000 shards you combine. Let’s say you have 5000 shards. The first time you combine the 1000 shards (after the update) the rewards will be the same like before the update. 1x guaranteed 4* mat and 50 emeblems, etc.

If you now combine the next 1000 shards you will be in the new reward tier.

(At least that’s what happened to me)


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