Ursena Black Knight defence team

Hello wise ones. Once again I’m at the palace doors seeking advice.

I’ve now leveled Ursena, and I wonder how/where she can fit in my defence team. Currently I’m running this:

I could do something like this:

Or something else… Vela is my only fast blue btw.

The idea was/is with Blacky as tank to fire the AoE guys in beserker mode. So Zeline does her job first, followed by either Vela or Ursena. I could of course take out the Knight, I know he’s not invincible but he’s my best red. Then there’s the rainbow argument but Vela’s damage without attack boost isn’t massive…

I’m in a quandary, opinions are very welcome!

Cheers, TK

I personally would look at running:

Zeline -> Vela -> Black Knight -> Ursena -> Costume Joon

That way you still have a rainbow squad, get the benefit of the Y-P weakness on the same side…


Since there’s no holy dispeller, Sesh and Ursl on the same def work very well. Holy still is weakest element imo.

2 darks are a cool choice.


This would have been my recommendation

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I agree. I think the biggest weakness is yellow 4*'s. Mist is the first new usable 4* yellow in how long now? Only other one for raids is Gretel. I have 20 darts and am actually considering maxing Justice, just for the heck of it.

@HerrKa On topic: Both are great defenses. As long as your defense lets you always open your raid chest in diamond, you’re fine. Both defenses will do that.

What color tank does your alliance use? That is the most important defense to work on.


What about jackal?

20 jackals


Oh yeah, forgot about him. He is one of only 2 4*’'s I gave emblems to.

I just really notice how strapped I get for yellows during wars(I have every yellow 4* in the game maxed). Can’t believe I forgot about my buddy Jackal, I maxed 2 of him.


Olmor, you’re the one who bought the fallacy of defence healers to my attention and confirmed the need for fast mana. Changed my life. I appreciate that.

So I finally scored a fast yellow(Joon) and a fast blue (Vela), took out Leo, then Kingston, went rainbow and that team saw me go to no. 1 in Canada, 29th globally. Couldn’t believe it. Holding pretty steady at 2600 odd cups. So I’m inclined to listen to you :grin:

So you think Sesh - Zeline - Black - Ursi - Joon?


Thanks, nice! Interesting omitting Sesh, she’s pretty healthy and debuffs but maybe with the AI doing a dodgy job of targeting… Not necessary. I didn’t think of that, I’d love to try!

I mainly omitted her as the best thing for dual purples is to flank a yellow but Poseidon isn’t great at tank…

A different option might be to:

Zeline -> Black Knight -> Ursena -> Joon -> Seshat

That way you get Seshat on your squad… but as I said, the dual purples really need to be sandwiching a yellow… otherwise its too easy to stack yellows against them.


Heya! My alliance is brand new, the result of a merger, just getting into their teams. They’re not very experienced. And my former alliance was small, 12 people or so, no uni-coloured tank. I believe especially in a smaller alliance it’s better to build your def teams for synergy, position, as good as they can be. People just don’t have that much choice. And if they do, surely that means they have many leveled heroes so won’t run out of a certain colour. In a small alliance…

I virtually never colour stack in war so I don’t expect an equal alliance to either. We tried it a couple of times, people (in my view) weakened their def teams just to run a blue tank and it was disastrous!

Ah, okay. I didn’t realize you were in a smaller alliance. I still think either defense is great and, while one might do slightly better, I doubt you’d see a significant difference either way.

Wu is still one of my favourite Heroes, definitely my fave 4*! He’s one of the survivors, Sabina being the other one. And Mel.

In war Wu plus 5* AoE = yummy!

Used to be! Now in bigger alliance, many weaker players…

Might go on a hiatus one day… Since my cup success is obviously going to my head!

I 100 percent agree with this setup.

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I’m trying this tonight, but not sure, wouldn’t I want BK’s attack boost to fire before Ursena? Plus Blacky is way healthier… Hmmm

Lol I explained why I put them in the order I did…

Because yellow is weak to purple & vice versa, you want to stick purples & yellows next to each other… that way you punish stacking somewhat… You also want Ursena at Tank so she encourages yellow stacking to make best use of her special skill.


Hi! Thanks for persisting! Yes, I totally understand the anti-yellow stance, even before I posted. I just wanted to discuss the weight of that versus other positioning.

When I face an Ursena tank, of course I hold my yellows back, but I virtually never colour stack in attack, just in case of availability of tiles/weird boards). I also use Zeline a lot, sometimes sacrificing her just to get a debuff. I might attack Ursi with Sesh… etc, other stuff that’s my attacking style…

So it’s tricky to double guess other people’s attacks, that’s why I come the forum seeking an overview, a consensus. (I know that doesn’t exist!)

Anyway as mentioned, I will try your suggestion, (I do get it!)


Magician Viv is one at least

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I thought she was a cleanser, not attack debuff… (Don’t have her)

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