Help with Defence Line Up/ Marjana or Black Knight!

Hey Everyone :grin:,

I’ve recently been lucky enough to draw Black Night and was really keen to get him into my defensive line up, as I know I hate going up against him…

This is my current defensive line up and it has been doing really well for me, but it’s probably due for a bit of a change up.

These are my other 5 star hero choices…

I have the Mats to max a Red and I am soon to have enough for a Blue Hero, so both Magni, Black night and Marj are options. At this point I only have 1 Mystery Tonic, so Evelyn is unfortunately a long way off. But if there is a line up that you would think would benefit from her, let me know and I will work on it.

As far as emblems go I have enough sitting aside to bring Zeline, Marj and Magni up to around 6 emblems each. I also have ala few reset emblems, so I would be able to take the emblems I already have on Azlar to give to Black Night.

Any assistance on what a strong defence Line Up would be and why, as well as who I would be better to spend the materials on Marjana or Black Night.

Thank you :grin:

Zeli Richy Blacky Kunch Joon

Lia for Kunchen to wipe faster.

Definitely Blacky before Marja.


Thanks mate :grin:

Appreciate it

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I’m backing Marj. BK is a meh tank while Marj with Emblems is a real pain.

Lianna, Marj, Kunch, Richard, Joon…sub in Mag for Richard when ready.

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Only the best red.
Far from meh imo. :innocent:


Kunchen - Zeline - Black Knight - Magni - Joon

Set that bar high.

I’d still take Marj on defense with emblems as she basically steals mana. I love seeing BK tanks $$$.

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IMO, BK for sure… best tank defense and also very good offense.


In my honest opinion, I would go with Black Knight, 100%

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Could you clarify? Marjana may be fast mana and could dodge. Are you saying that by dodging on the defense she makes the attacker waste a special? I would have thought Black Knight would be more of a pain due to his taunt and 50% damage reduction to 1 point.

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BK like Kunchen is just a tile dump. His taunt lasts 3 turns and is easily dispelled. At least Kunchen heals himself.

I had a raid the other day where Marj dodged 5 of my specials. I had to kill the other heros and kill her with tiles. Once she is pretty heavily emblemed she is in my opinion the best defensive red.

BK is the best offensive support hero in the game and IMHO the best red in the game fullstop.

And with the right builds, an A+ tank - with AoE plus healing or minions he’s downright evil to face.

The dodge is great when it comes off… But like all class talents, you need big emblems to see significant benefits from them.

On top of that, there’s some real priority hero’s in rogue class if you happen to score them.
Alice takes emblems over Marj all day long if you have her.
Guardian Jackal is too useful to skip over for emblems (especially being a squishy little so and so) and you’ll need to spend some for him to be usable in diamond.

There are some great barbarians too, but none I’d prioritize over BK for offense or defense (yes, even GM or Kage).

I really don’t think this is at all close, BK is a seriously, seriously great hero in basically all facets of the game.

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Thanks for the detail mate, really appreciate it

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