Vela defence team position

Hi again wise ones!

So it’s been a while, I’ve taken your advice in the other thread…

I’ve finally improved my mana speed that’s allowed me to run a rainbow team but now l can’t decide on positions.

There’s this:

And this:

I was for some days running Vela flank, improved my passive raids somewhat. Previously her slot was held by Kingston. Then today I moved her to the wing flanking Seshat as S is stronger, lost many cups instantly.

So my question is - were my attackers just lucky or should I flank my AOE guys, considering Blacky’s beserker mode and Vela’s DoT?

BK is my strongest red BTW.

Thanks for your advice, cheers, D

I’d go with Sehat-Zeline-BK-Vela-Joon.

The disadvantage of this team is that the purple and the yellow hero are not next to each other. But two fast AoE heroes as flanks will be more deadly than 2 snipers, especially with BK’s attack buff.

Also, if Joon’s costume is maxed, you should equip it.

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remember the computer fires your hero’s from left to right. SO it you have several similar hero’s which one do you want to fire first?


Joon’s costume is on it’s way. Slooowwwly. Had Joon for a couple of weeks, costume for a couple of days. Haha, I actually forgot to unequip him last night, instantly lost about a hundred cups.

I thought the same in terms of AoE flanks plus Blacky’s attack buff.

Though the AI firing from left to right is true of course, I’ll move Joon. So who should fire first? Zeline( debuff, etc) or Vela(DoT)? Hmmm… probably Zeline?

BTW, wanted to mention I have Ursena on the way (a week or so) as a spanner in the works for possible tank…

D_DI, I’m going to try that lineup right now! Cheers!

She’s a great tank and no mistake… As a flank to BK she can be scarily effective too!

On topic… AoE flanks really thrive on BK tanks, and Seshat is ideally a wing anyway.

I’d run:
Seshat - Zeline - BK - Vela - Joon

Cool!! That’s what I did!

Maybe I should start a general “advice with my defence team” thread so I can keep going… Maybe not!

And I’ll get to the Ursena issue next week.

Cheers, TK

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Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for your advice, this forum rocks! It’s the sophisticated members obviously!

Just wanted to mention… With this team I achieved no.1 in Canada, 29th global position! (Passive plus active raiding, plus revenge) unbelievable!!

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