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Can I get some advice on defense? I pulled Misandra and Vela in January. I run Kunch at tank, Drake at right flank and Lianna on the right wing. Should I put Vela on left flank and Marjana on left wing? Or should I Zimkitha on the flank with Misandra on the wing? I have Magni on left flank now.

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Best to take some screen shots of yah rosta so people can a better idea on what to use now and maybe in the future! :+1:

Thanks for the suggestion Dudeious

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Alby drake kuchen Magnie zim

Could change alby for Lianna.
Others prob will chime on it my five star knowledge ain’t that great as don’t have many! @PapaHeavy @Guvnor @Olmor @jinbatsu

Nice set of heros too!


I would try one of the following:

Option 1
Alberich -> Zimkitha -> Kunchen -> Drake Fong -> Magni / Lianna

Option 2
Alberich -> Drake Fong -> Kunchen -> Poseidon / Drake -> Zimkitha / Marjana

Option 3
Alberich -> Victor -> Drake Fong -> Kunchen / Seshat -> Zimkitha / Marjana


@Guvnor’s 1st option… :sunglasses:

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Same with @Olmor, option 1

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Thanks for the advice everyone!

I’m just here for the cake! Wait? That’s KALE!!! Not CAKE??? WTF is wrong with you people???

Also @Dudeious.Maximus has a decent setup but I’d have to give @Guvnor’s 1st option much consideration just as @Olmor and @jinbatsu did

Cake DOES sound a lot like Kale but that’s like saying you have chocolate chip cookies and they are really raisins!!! EVIL BEGONE, The power of RNGesus compels you!!!

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No love for Misandra or Vela I see. Thanks everyone for jumping in - I truly appreciate your time. I’ll try @Guvnor’s first option and see how that goes.

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