Black Knight Ares defense team

Hi, I need help making up my mind. I’d like to improve my defense team by adding the freshly leveled Black Knight. I’d like to keep Ares in there somewhere as he’s my only 5* “healer”(Grazul @3/70, emblemed 4*s seem to die fast).

Before I was running (from left) Miki, Zeline, Ares, Seshat, BT(4/20). Not bad but surely I can do better! I have a Leonidas @80/3 who I use for attack, Richard (80/3), Obakan (no emblems, easy kill), Margaret (easy kill)… Many 4*s…


Does this make sense? Synergy? If fast Seshat is center surely she’ll go off without help and Miki I feel is a better attacker maybe shouldn’t be on the def team at all due to bad AI decisions.

If I pair BK with Ares it feels a bit unbalanced. Zeline’s main function is to debuff, she just has to stay alive. Miki’s is to silence but he only hits 3(max, AI willing). Add fast mana attackers? Soon I’ll have Kingston to help!

Confused, please help!


Miki is no bueno outside of titans

Blues are too common to go double red UNLESS you try tanking zeline but then they can go red stack instead

I would tank black knight, bench miki, flank zeline and leonidas, wing seshat and ?


Do like @Rigs said. Seshat, Leo, BK and Zeline is the obvious choice. And better a 4* emblemed fast sniper, than Miki or Ares; both of them are useless in defense. And you don’t need a healer when your tank is BK and flank Zeline. One question though… What do you mean by 3/80? Because, you know, there is no such thing. Did you mean 3/70 or 4/80?


Oh stoopid me, meant 80/3(emblems)! thanks for the advice!

Ah, cool, thanks, wing Seshat, flank Leonidas, really? interesting! She’s strong, he’s not, is that for the fast vs average mana? Happy to bench Miki, will try to fly healerless, will follow your advice! Close-ish to getting Kingston there, will he do? (and Miki helps me much in attack :disappointed_relieved: but I will take his emblems. One day…)

Leonidas cause he’s average mana, yes. I have seen him work in wing but i feel he’s a bigger pain in flank

I would try to go rainbow if you can. And hopefully that is achievable without miki cause he really isnt very good in pvp from my experiences, he’s a titan hero and that’s about it, maybe events.

Do you have other blues maxed? Sorry if i missed it, didnt read up completely yet, in a phone call…


Only Richard (Isarnia, Thorne still 1 scope away), surely fast mana is better? I like your rainbow suggestion. But rainbow over fast? Richard never scares me…

For my next fast ascension I was going for Victor (1 trap tool away)

Kingston (food permitting), Obakan are who I have right now. I put in Obakan as a placeholder.

I really appreciate this BTW, you got some XP! Would love to talk about attack too…

(Miki is awesome in events, for attack I use him to silence the front row but can I get him to fire? Not always. Prepared to move on to the next era!)

I would set Victor your right wing. You will get the tabard this week, from Morlovia rare quest.

Cool. Rigs put Seshat there, guess I can put her on the left wing? Already have the tabard, just need one more trap tool, shouldn’t be hard

You can also try

Sesh Blacky Mik Ares Zeli

In the long run I’d go rainbow, but Blacky isn’t a goot tank imo. He’s sturdy as hell, but does not much. Every time I met him, I just dumped tiles into him to charge my sniping dispellers.


Haha, another opinion, awesome! If only we could watch our defence at work. And you’re not changing my lineup, just moving it around. Interesting.

I’ve met Miki a few times as tank, didn’t seem too hard to beat. When he finally fires he might just silence a single wing. I’d rather control him myself, will keep him in attack for a while.

I’m new to the BK, that’s why I’m looking for advice. (must try different lineups overnight. perhaps)

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He’s going to silence at least 2, since the AI chooses the middle target.

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good point, yes. Shouldn’t be dissin’ one of my faves!

@HerrKa Just for future reference, if you are trying to convey an emblemed hero, just put their name with a +3 or however many emblems they have. That is the easiest way to tell if a hero is emblemed. Hope this little tidbit will help.

of course, of course, I was being fluey and undisciplined! sorry!

@HerrKa It’s fine. It took me a few seconds to tell that they were emblemed. I am just passing on some helpful tips. :grin::+1:

OK guys, just wanted to say thank you, I went with the fast snipers in wings setup, BK tank, cups improved! I want to try the Olmor setup, that’s next!

Throw Miki out since you have Richard.

Throw Ares out since you have Leonidas.

IMO, you need to have at least 3 damage dealers within your defense.

Your current defense is probably better for AW field aid.

Thanks AirHawk, you’re so right! Actually I don’t know what I was thinking re. Ares in defense since he relies on tiles to do his good work!

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