Uraeus vs SiF

Hello looking for opinions, in the last Valhalla I pulled SiF, today I got Uraeus, trying to make up my mind on which to push first. My other ascended yellow 5s are Malosi (18) Joon, and Bae Yeong, i like both , but only have 7 darts, my defense is Malosi, QoH, Telluria, Magni, and Jabberwock, all at plus 18, it holds me in lower diamond 2400-2550 usually, do you think SiF would improve it with no other changes, I have emblems to push her to 18, if she doesnt make much difference on defense id prolly lean towards Uraeus, thanks for any insight

Hi, for me, Sif without hesitation. She can make your heroes faster and stronger, even more if you can emblem her heavily. I wish I had her.

I consider Uraeus an attacking hero. I wouldn’t take him in a defense team, as Joon is faster and if I saw Uraeus in a defense team, I wouldn’t take minion makers.

Sif in a defensive team would be more helpful.

If i add SiF, would i move Magni to left wing and go Magni, QoH, Telluria, SiF. Jabberwock, or pull Telluria and go with Liana, QoH,Sif, Magni, Jabberwock ? I have emblems to push Liana aswell, thanks

Sif would fit your defense team better than Malosi and would help in Raids. Uraeus would help a LOT in yellow stacks and minions making teams. There is no wrong answer here, both solid heroes.


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Sif is imho more versatile. She was in my team for final stage on hard in Valhalla and in general I like to take her in any hard battles. She is not in my A-team because I like to have more pro-active heroes but she is very useful in many occasions and also as a flank on defense, while Uraeus is more like Skadi: good for attack, and possibly for undead horde war defense, but general not that great in defense.

thanks, thats some useful info on the hard stages, ive got aways to go on Valhalla, but good to consider now, i already have a maxed Skadi to help with minion troubles

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Uraeus of course. Prioritize offense over defense.

Defense is just fun as long as you stay in diamond.


Its funny but i have found the best place for SIF is in my offense and not in my defense(ineed i dont use her on defense) .
Shes a beast beating those S3 hard lvl. Flank her with the weakest or slowest heroes in your composition/stack and she will fast them up and protect them too.

I use her on titans to take advantage of her ability and her high attack.

On defense i see SIF too weak to dispel. Domitia, Seshat, Sabina, even an off colour dispel like sonya or caed at fast speed can get rid of her boost/riposte. So its really risky to use her to me, the AI cannot time her properly and the enemy can counter her if play with brain(and the board is not awful, in that case even a 4☆ can be deadly)

Overall i would rate SIF as an excelent offensive tool, so i would do her over Uraeus unless you are desesperated to max a minion counter.


A costumed Boril is cheaper to use.

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Agree…go for Uraeus. He’s pretty solid.

Sif is amazing - the counter and damage reduction plus mana increase is priceless. If you get her to charge before Finley, killhare, frigg, odin etc she will not only make them kill themselves but will keep 3 of your heroes at least alive through the onslaught. If you put her next to a couple of slower heroes (c azlar + c viv often in my case) you can get them to fire quicker as well. I probably wouldn’t put either sif or uraeus on defence but I would put regular joon on instead of malosi as well

Thanks for all the input, lots of good info on SiF, they are my next 2 in holy, both are pretty tempting, Uraeus looks like a minion monster, with that dot he will tear up summoner/undead hordes !

I cannot take your comment seriously. You are comparing SIF who half the damage received, who gives an excelent mana boost regen to Boril? No sir, sorry, enjoy your Boril i will keep using my SIF that worked pretty well so far and works for titans and multiples places too. Plus shes yellow, if im going to stack yellow id rather a yellow that can synergyse with my other yellows than an off colour Boril that only brings an 80% riposte and a pretty low attack stat.



I don’t have any of them.

Sif is like a glorified and improved Boril but with lesser counterattack. On defense, her riposte and other skills are nullified by my Kage, Guardian Panther, Seshat, Domitia w/ MCB, Ametrine and even Sabina. I am really awed by a lot of players liking her. On offense, I don’t see her fitting my 2 mono yellow teams, each with a Gazelle leading the charge. And even if I happen to cause her being landed on my lap, I see her boring on offense, not dealing any offense. She has a high attack stat though.

Uraeus is a good sniper, a bit better than most yellow snipers. He is oh so relevant against the current players in the leaderboards mostly donning purple minion-summoning tanks, i.e. Bera, Freya, etc. as he bypasses the minions shielding the hero owning such minions, dealing sand damage against them. He has and does more than Sif: direct damage that bypasses minions and leaving sand DoT, minion summoning Element Link and 2 passive abilities.

If I happen to pull both, I have 22 darts waiting for Uraeus. I may level Sif, but only if I have darts enough to ascend 4 holy legendaries.

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I actually use neither although I have both.

Elena fits the bill while doing damage to all.
I use Azlar instead for hitting all.

I probably fall under the aggressive style of play. I will not wait for enemies to attack me in get to counter them.

Everyone has their own opinions and play style. What I do know is that most would defend their choices which is Sif in your case.

I would just prefer to use my darts on another hero other than Sif in this case and I am just voicing my opinion to OP.

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I dont play defensivily either. That i bring SIF doesnt mean im waiting the enemy to attack me. Shes there offering me support, i like to balance my attack teams. For example


That way i have enough firepower to take down enemies and some support to protect my Jackal
. Sif speed Gilin up too, it can work to speed up a Vivica too.

And i have seen some people using SIF as an off colour support.

I suppose its all to do with playstiles at the end of the day.

Good gaming!


I play the same mono yellow for the past 2 years now:

Rana - Jackal - Vivica - Drake - Joon

So my life support would be Vivica

I would level up the hero, which you could give more emblems! I have Sif and I take her for everything! Titans, offense and defence! She is great and I will level up my second, but at first Uraeus!

I have Sif to 3/70 now, started on Uraeus, still havnt decided for sure, pulled Mica yesterday, only have 6 darts, how much thought should i give to Mica, if its relevent i have a Garnet at +14 nodes, thanks for any thoughts

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