2nd Malosi, Neith or Sif?

Hey guys, I got a 2nd Malosi in Valhalla today.

First one is maxed now.

However I sill have Neith, Sif, 2 Joons and Justice in line.

Should I prioritize another Malosi, or perhaps Neith or Sif?

My current defense team is: BK+15, Ursena+9, Telluria+5, Vela+9, and Onatel+7.

My maxed yellows: Onatel, Joon and now Malosi.

I will hopefully complete another set of darts soon.

I’d suggest Sif — for most non defense teams, she’s goes together like Soccer Moms and SUVs

Mines at +15 now, have the others you listed too


Sif. You have already one Malosi and one sniper in Joon. Sif is great support and arguably the best hero with counterattack. I have her fully ascended and on some tasks requiring TP of 4600 she’s a lifesaver, notably her damage reduction. Considering you have BK, you can flank him with Sif in case his ‘Tis but a scratch’ does not trigger for some true annoyance. Or make Ursy a tank and flank her with Sif.

Also note that her counter procs before the damage reduction, so the opponents get full damage and then you only 50%.

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Another vote for Sif here, although I don’t have her. I find Neith quite underwhelming.

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See: Forum ToS of my reply

I like Sif, but I’ve been kinda enamored using her on offense since seeing her in Beta. It may be unfounded but I’ve only heard positive things from most of the people I know who’ve leveled and maxed her.

So I would probably go Sif, Joon 2, Neith Malosi 2.


LOL loved this analogy! thanks for the advice!

I read about this synergy in a thread prasing Sif as a good tank, but got Telluria too, so that position is taken. I was actually hoping to hear from someone tha has used Sif and Neith offensively.

Thank you very much!

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In my honest opinion, I would focus on Sif first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I got QoH recently and I am still not done with her levelling but on stages it quite reduces the damage team takes from bosses, especially from AoE. If Sif’s buffs are active and QoH has her minion, AoE becomes just attack on her, that is reduced by Specials damage resist, and she takes only half of that damage, which is nothing in most cases. I am using them currently with Victor for good measure with his defense up, reducing damage even further. With BK it will be similar I think, just needs good timing. Not running this team on raids though because there I use rainbow and Vivica as my 5* healer other than MT has taken up that spot, but I think it can be nasty.

Also, I think Sif is also good as a flank. Put her next to Telly and BK at wing to distract attackers from her and Sif can cover them both. And that has the chance to wreak some havoc.

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Have browse at that I’d go sif


I’d say Neith because she would work better on your def than Onatel than either Sif or a copy of Malosi.

Edit: Neith also doesn’t seem to compete with anyone for your ranger emblems either.

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This is great!

Thank you very much for your answer and for this great analysis.

Sif it is as soon as I get the sixth dart!!!

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I like Sif. But given the current expansion of buffers and debuffers in the game, I personally would prefer the second Malosi. I have Malosi. But I’d like two. No, three. I would feel much more confident in the attack. :facepunch: :facepunch: :facepunch: :muscle: :+1:

From my personal experience, Neith and Onatel are more or less on par on defense. Onatel can be even more annoying. Also offense heroes should have priority. With that defense, they shouldn’t have problems staying in diamond anyway.

But taking emblems into consideration is a good point!

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