Help Needed : Delilah vs Sif

I just pulled Sif today. I only have materials for 1 5* yellow. Should I level Delilah or Sif? These are the only yellow 5* that I have. Thanks for your inputs

I’m currently levelling Freya and I do hv fully levelled Proteus, Mist and Brynhild.

What is the rest of your roster like? Do you have any other 5 star healers maxed or going to be maxed? If no, do Delilah first, but otherwise Sif.

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I dont hv any 5* healers. Fully maxed 4* healers will be C Melendor, BT, Brynhild, Gullin and currently also working on C Rigard. I don’t have any fully maxed 5* heroes yet

I have got Delilah since her first debut in March 2018 and she is still today my first pick for everything. She is currently at 4/80 (+18)

  • War/Raid Defense
  • Healer in challenge/tour
  • Map farming
  • etc.
    Her class is a fighter, you can imagine that she may revive from her death and heal the whole team with minions…

Go for Delilah. Lady Sif can wait.


In that case level Delilah then. However, Atlantis is coming up in a few days with Ariel featured, if you know you will be doing pulls there wait and see if you get her before using darts on Delilah.


Thanks everyone on your feedback. I will work on Delilah first. The Ascezsion materials are so precious and difficult to get.

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You will fall in love with Delilah.


In my honest opinion, you obviously need to fully level both, but I would focus on Delilah first - 100%.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I think you’d be better off with Sif and C. Rigard.


I was thinking to pair Delilah with Freya to create legion of minions if it work out :sweat_smile:

The way I use Sif in raids is between Mother North and Telluria. Sif protects all 3 and boosts their Mana while the two greens flood my team with minions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Freya is something stuck in the middle and cannot going anywhere. Not a hitter, Not a healer, Not a Supporter, Not a Manipulator…Nothing…

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It does… Beautifully.

Those two are a match made in heaven!

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You obviously don’t have her maxed… She goes EVERYWHERE!


Freya is not Maxed yet. Freya is the only heroes that generate minion beside Kvasir. Quite tough to use Freya alone in fight. now will continue to level Freya with Delilah :sweat_smile:

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Delilah first. She is a very good healer. A fighter class at that. Really comes handy in some of those clutch situations.

HOWEVER - do keep Sif in your leveling plan next.

Delilah and Sif have an amazing synergy that most tend to overlook - especially on an attack team.

I have both… I use them in my yellow stack… and their combo won me so many raids - Their combination is that good. :slight_smile:

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I am not clear why you’d say Freya is not a great support hero.

I thought Freya is a great support hero because of the following reasons:

  • She provides defense buff to the entire team;
  • She is a fast minion generator (the only one of a kind in legendary heroes, I think? :thinking:)
  • Her minions give existing minions a ridiculous attack boost ! Those little monsters chip away at the enemy heroes’ health quite steadily I must say.

(Delilah’s minions are already quite nasty. Combined with Freya, they become monsters.)

What are your reasons for saying Freya is not good at support? :thinking:

You thought right.

On her own, she’s a good support hero - buys you a little extra time, boosts defence and does some damage.

With another minion hero? She’s truly excellent.

I take her everywhere… Even titans - she scores surprisingly well there (good tile damage plus once you double and triple stack those minions the damage can get surprisingly good, and when you’re hitting the weakspot it’s easy to build up a couple of banks of them).

Thank you for confirming! :slight_smile:

My Freya is still at 2/40… but she is still awesome and fun to play with. Can’t wait to level her completely.

Those stupid Tabards though… they are the most scarce to find for me. :expressionless: