Uraeus vs SiF

Probably best to think about what you like about a hero and how you use your heroes.

Yes, having another 5* Ninja does make a difference. Do you like spirit link? Mica does no damage and puts no pressure on the enemy but has the potential to give a huge mana boost and defense up. Would your playstyle allow you to wait until the third charge often?

Sif does not do any damage but closes off part of the board to the enemy and her damage reduction is immensely helpful. Can you work her into your team? She really makes slow heroes shine (no mana troop they go from 12 to 10 tiles, slow to average mana, with mana troops and emblems you need +10% more mana to go to 9 tiles on a slow hero, that is functionally fast), do you have any slow heroes that you use when raiding? If so, she will protect them and boost them.

Uraeus is good while minions are everywhere. Average mana with a decent hit. I haven’t used him nor faced him (I don’t expect to face him in defenses much either).

I love Sif and she allows me to use MN. I would like Mica but don’t know how I would build around him. Uraeus is too soon to say beyond reading the card.

This is still beta that we are all using now, DON’T choose a hero based on this beta version, wait until the final version of formations is made public. If they change the impact of nearby on the middle position if radically alters the relative strength of many heroes (looking at you Sif) and a decision based on beta could be painful.

Thanks for your insight, i think i will take my time deciding , by the time i get Mica and Uraeus up to 3/70 maybe we will know more on the future of formations, or will get a few more darts

That said, I maxed Sif well before formations were released and brought her all the way to +19 (that is where I have stopped on all my rogues) as quickly as possible and she is in my raid team AND defense team.

I think Sif is fantastic and riposte works so well against common flanks like Frigg and Thor, especially now that there are a lot of Krampus teams where you can’t hit them with your specials. The damage reduction is KEY here else the team would be wiped out.

Formations have added a cherry on top now.

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thanks would she be a good flank with Telluria, with QoH on other side ?

Thanks for the deep insight. Similarly I am in a dilemma among Sif, Mica and Thor. I have no dart for now so I have abundance of time to choose :smile:

I have strong opinions about Thor, positive opinions, shame that his name is better than the card but the card is very good.

Choosing between them is really going to boil down to your needs and preferences. Thor fills a completely different niche than Sif and Mica so that choice is more “need” driven.

Sif and Mica do compete for a similar slot in a team and the differences are going to mean that choosing between them is really a matter of your preference.

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I believe the answer is yes. I am experimenting with a Double Reverse formation right now. The front row is GM - Sif - Telly and my win ratio is the highest it has ever been (this is also misleading because people are still trying to figure formations out AND many more teams that are much weaker than mine are attacking me, normally they would reroll but right now people are still trying things out).

My Sif was emblemed with Titans as the main focus and flank was her spot on defense, therefore I went all attack (great 916 attack stat) so in this experimental role at tank she is a bit fragile. I would recommend going for a bulkier build if tanking with her (regardless of formations).

Thank you for the attention.

I have just pulled two Uraeus in this morning. Thor, Uraeus, Mica, Sif, 0 darts.

I read that BK and Sif are two good teammates. Plus she is said that she is very effective in the final map stages.

Uraeus is truly an antidote against minions. The recent hotm have been minions makers. It would be brillant to have two in the same attacking team against heroes such as Freya and Bera.

I am fond of ninjas so much. Cobalt is the only ninja lack in my squad. I could consider an attacking team composed with Mica, Garnet and Onyx due to their family bonus and charging mechanics. By the way I am worried about nerfs on ninjas. My Telluria has suffered from it well enough.

I strongly believe that Thor is a disappointment in case of a comparison with the lately released OP 3rd map heroes. He is good and effective in an attacking team where he is coupled with Malosi. I have experienced it by myself. He is below average in defense. I believe that a little buff in his first charge would be ok for the sake of making him more attractive. It is not a must do anyway in my opinion. He is usable in the way he is but beside Sif, Mica and Uraeus my general opinion leaves him behind.

I would like to hear more from you about this title. :slight_smile:

If your aim is having the hero on defense then Thor is not your guy. He is geared to attack and really benefits from human control. Ghosting tiles on offense is important to make him shine as well and since that is not possible on defense he doesn’t really stand out there.

Three Ninjas are formidable, the family bonus is very effective on defense. I have lost to many teams with three Ninjas because of this.
I have none of the 5* Ninjas so can only speak of my experience when attacking them.

I have no opinion on whether or not the Ninjas will be nerfed. They are very powerful but not win buttons and there are many more powerful heroes coming. Telly/Vela was a complete screw up by SG, we ALL hope the lesson was learned and we all fear that it was not.

I LOVE Sif but don’t have any of the 5* Ninjas. I believe that with the full family bonus Mica brings more to the table for you than the other two (Sif & Uraeus).
Minions have probably peaked, they will remain common but if you can beat them now, you’ll be fine going forward and can take a more leisurly approach to Uraeus IMO (can argue the opposite, get him maxed before minions decline in usage so you can have fun with him while they last). Once again, this is preferences.


Thank you for your comments!


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