Malosi #2 or Sif

hello everyone,

I have enough darts to ascend my next yellow hero. Sif is impatiently waiting at 3-70 BUT I’m having second thoughts…

I’ve been fortunate enough to pull 2 Malosi this month, one of them is maxed already and I’m using him all the time. He’s particularly relevant in the current meta in order to block all negative effects from Telluria/Vela/ Gravemaker/ Finley/Drake…

I’m quite sure I would use a second one. But Sif ? I don’t know…being average, will she fire her special in time to be useful ?

Opinions are welcome before I pull the trigger :slight_smile:

Personally I am fan of variety so I would go with Sif. I have her and while I don’t use her in raids (I am running rainbow team there and yellow spot is taken by Sorcerer Vivica) I use her pretty much everywhere else and she makes those 4600 TP tasks much easier. She is also rogue and those have mana bonus node rather soon (8th node I believe) so if you intend to emblem her, you need only Lv17 mana troop to drop her to 9 tiles charge, which is quite improvement. Considering the damage reduction reduces damage after counter, the enemy takes full damage while you only half of it, and that is lifesaver. And with her mana boost, you can speed her up and her neighbors afterwards.


If you are looking for a yellow tank or need a yellow tank then go with Sif.
Otherwise it’s a duplicate Malosi or wait for another yellow.
Personally, I much prefer variety so don’t automatically go for duplicates. But that said I have done it once (Telluria) …

Sif is great on offense as well. Since you already have Malosi#1, I’d go with Sif. She is great at protecting those around her as well, I often put 4*'s on a war team next to her, to keep them up.

Who do you team up with sif on offense? To be more specific, vs tell tanks using her?


I take Finley - Vela - Sif - Rigard (non-custumed) - Grazul

Telluria is tough, even my best team doesn’t beat her as often as other tanks.

Sometimes I swap out Vela for Natalya.

That’s a 2-1-1-1 stack weak vs Tell.
How can it kill Tell before she fires? Hoping Grazul or rigard are charged will just be a bandaid.

What’s your win %?

I’ve found 4-1 stacks are most effective for me with one healer in the stack and the off color being another healer like rigard.


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