Tyr, JF, Marj - Who ya got?

Ready to start a new Red project. This will be Events/War Depth/Titans.

Defense team:
C-Kiril +20, GM+5, Telly+11,Sartana+3, Joon+9

Other Red Max:
Wilbur+2, C-Boldtusk+18, Gormek+19

Red Options:
Tyr, Marj, JF, Noor, Elena, Azlar

I feel like Tyr, JF, Marj make the final 3. JFI have 12 blades and 7 rings. Snow is maxed and could pair with JF if that helps. Tyr/Azlar at 3/70 the rest at 2/60.

team link if more info needed. Thanks in advance for the help!

My thoughts on Tyr from a similar topic


I’m in the same boat…but, I have a feeling a new red Christmas hero may be coming and saving until then to see for sure. But right now, Tyr and JF are the 2 I’m debating between.

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+1 for Tyr.

Since you have Gravemaker, you have less need for the other two. Tyr causes bleed which stacks with GM, + the other stuff Jonah said about being resilient and hard to kill.


I have Jean Francois maxed. The good thing about him in offense is the critical boost to other reds(good vs titans and in general in a red stack). Other uses is against def down users, against Vela or blue hitters thanks to his ice def up.

On defense hes good too, i would say that depending on the heroes around him , he can be very dangerous.

I dont have tyr and i havent faced him too much.

Elena is excelent for events and against titans so she could fit pretty well that aspect of the game .

Marjana is one of the few red snipers in the game.
She hits harder than tyr
If you emblem her up she will hit hard and what is more she is a rogue so she will be able to use evade , one of the best abilities in the game. I know because my Scarlett +19 has evaded multiples attacks, like a shot from Sartana or Joon and that sometimes is game changing


There is a new HOTM around X-Mas some time that is a hard-hitting red sniper that steels minions. I can tell you right now that if I have mats for him, no way I actually pull him lol

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If you attack mono red or 4-1 in wars, theres no point in having JF and GM on same team. Marjana hits harder than Tyr but shes still a relatively weak sniper unless heavily emblemed. Tyr doesn’t do a lot of dmg on his special but is a very self-sufficient offense hero than can stay alive and continue to do dmg.

Overall, I’d do Tyr first. I see you have a lot of fighter emblems on BT but maybe you can spare some extra fighter emblems for Tyr and get him to at least +12.

Oh, also unrelated but you might want to work on some 4* depth as well.

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Thanks, haven’t looked at the December HOTM…just patiently waiting. I’ve been saving hard for MN and the new Christmas heroes.

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No red replaces GM on D, so it’s either Tyr of JF. I like JF when stacking reds, but Tyr can be such an asset when you time his revive skill. Great heroes, either way you win!


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