Which red should be next?

Just finished leveling Wilber and need to pick my next red to level. Looking forward to everyone’s thoughts. This is for depth for war/events/titans/etc…

Current maxed
Gravemaker+4, C-Boldtusk+18, Gormek+19, Wilbur, Sumitomo

JF, Azlar, Tyr, Noor, Marjana, Elena, Colen, Kelile, Scarlett, Lancelot, Shadereave

My heroplan.io link if you want to see the rest of the roster…

Thanks in advance!

Marjana, jf, tyr are your most likely choices - you lack a fast red sniper and marjana even though season hero is very good, jf is very annoying on defense, not so great for offense because his fire damage is redundant with gravemaker, azlar, marjana, etc etc
Tyr is good on defense but just doesnt really help me a lot offe sively


Offense is main focus. I do like JF just haven’t been able to pull the trigger. Was hoping for a Noor buff also. Good input, thanks

My red attack team is Wilbur, JF, Ares, Azlar (C), BT(C).

JF (on my defense as well) is super helpful. He doesn’t do a lot of damage but his defense boast and status protection are great so he’d be my choice. Next choice would be Marj is wish I had her. Fast and hits hard.


JF’s ability to flip defense down ailments to defense up buffs is really useful against heroes like Finley or King A, and turns Killhare’s downside into a positive (wish I had her). I find him more annoying to face than Marj or the others.

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If Finley hits all you’re pretty much toast whether it’s defense down or defense up that’s left. But I agree, JF is a pain to face without fast cleansers.

I can speak about JF. A good utility hero that can be used on defense or offense. It works really well against teams that have def down users or even strong blue hitters because his ice def up.

I dont have tyr but he seems to me like a powerhouse in red , at least a good offensive tool.

Regarding Marjana, i dont have her, she seems pretty ok, there arent too many red snipers out there.

So that would be my choices . Im curious about tyr, probably would max him , but now im a JF user and i can tell you that hes really good and sometimes a little bit understimates here.

Dont forget your 4* if you want something quick, cheap and useful. Scarlett is a good choice too


One thing I can add is I have snow maxed, so JF could pair with her nicely, although… Wilbur might be the obvious choice to pair with her.

I can fully max one 5* Marg, JF were the two I was most debating but Tyr does seem like he could be very annoying.

Since you already have JF at 3.70 go on him. I don´t know I you have mats to level a 4* or another 5 to 3.70. If so, after doing JF and while you get more rings you can aim for Marjana or Kellile (3.60) This way you finish some projects. You have a lot of work to do, good luck with that.

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If I level JF I would have 2 more sets of blades to finish off a couple 4s or take a couple 5s to 3/70. Unfortunately only 7 rings total so 2nd set would be a while off.

Then I guess you won´t be able to max another 5* in short term then I´d focus on Kellile, maybe when you´re done with her you get at leas spare blades to level Marjana to 3.70

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All good advice, seems like it is narrowed down to Marj, Typ, JF at this point…

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A couple things: first, Finley is not the only defense down hero. Second, Finley’s damage reduces each hit. One of the reasons he is so devastating after the first couple is the defense down, as opposed to the damage. Third, it is better to have a counter than not.

Yes, you can always stack your team with non- buffers. And, yes, JF sets him up for a cascade. But it is better to have a counter if your defense already has heroes that set him
Up. I find him troubling and don’t take Finley when raiding against him.

Tyr is my second choice.

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Tyr is not so good?

But they gave him a

Tyr is very good.

20 characters

In offence also?

So maybe I will at the end have one good red after

I maxed Khagan anzogh and jf

So maybe after all this crap I can hope to get good one?

Tyr or noor…

If u have rogue emblems marjana is still your best bet.
Tyr is good but his dmg is pretty low and he would be good next to another sniper.
Jf is also a good choice but in order to make his dot significant u need to emblem him too.

Tyr IMO – since you have Gravemaker, you have less immediate need for J.F. and Marjana, and you can combo bleed + burn together.

But if you want to save your food for troops or whatever, then I suggest Scarlett. She’s honestly one of the best 4* heroes still thanks to her insanely high attack stat (highest in red 4* and 4th highest overall in red including 5*s).

EDIT: or if you want to really save a ton of food, then I would finish Sudri – he’s currently the best 3* in my honest opinion, will be very helpful for tournaments and challenge events thanks to his damage output.


I have Sudri and Rudolph I need to level, I wasn’t thinking 3*. That is worth consideration

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I do find the anti defense down buff a big help when using him.