Is it worth replacing Marj with Tyr for my Defense

I would be able to put a significant amount of emblems on him.

I dont see tyr in defense, but that may be because I never had problems with him.

He can be getting on your nerves, just had one fight with him standing left and je healed up and was charged again by upfollowing unwanted combos.

But his damage is too low, he doesnt really scare me. With the same unwanted combos, your 18 talents marjanna would have fired away my two remaining heroes.

So, there will be other opinions and i dont like marjanna in defense cause she also lacks damage (just my opinion) but tyr isnt so great in defense.
but he is perfect in offense, quite unbeatable if he stands alone in a 1 vs 2 pr 1 vs 3 action.

Yeah, to tell you the truth I have never had a problem taking him down either. But I have seen alot of mixed opinions on him.

Do you have heroes vying for fighter emblems? The reason I ask is because he isn’t a sniper, and he really requires some heavy emblems on attack and defense to be a monster.

If you have emblems on Kingston I wouldn’t recommend it, as he is the King. If you have emblems to dump then I would try it as he is far better than Marjana.

I say he is better than Marjana because he has the ability to bypass defenses which comes up often tbh, and he has a self-resurrection and heal which means he can sustain himself to fire 2-3+ times.

I’ve found him better to be with aggressive tanks like Ursena, or another Aoe hitter as he is able to finish off heroes easier when they are low. If you do choose Tyr I’d recommend swapping him and Freya because you want Freya to go off more, and with her extra minions it will become nearly impossible to get past Tyr.

I have Elena at +13 plus 159 more because I haven’t figured out what to do yet. So I can put alot on him. I have gone up against Tyr but not a heavy emblemed one.

I know Tyr has A+ for both offense and defence (in anchor’s guide) and he looks really good on paper. But i just don’t fear him in raids. Probably because he doesn’t hit that hard. Marjana is more of a threat when she fires, for me at least. I am having the same issue. One ring away. Leaning towards Marj for now.

Tyr is great fun on offence but I think he’s only really good on Def in a field aid war in the corner. The AI isn’t clever enough to time his special and he can easily be dispelled.

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