Zimithka or Tyr to level first

Hi, I got Zimithka and Tyr within days of each other but not sure which to level first. I already have Marjana, Elena and Aslar at level 80.

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Zim would be my choice


I have Zim leveled and am now leveling Tyr. I say Tyr.

Would say it depends, one of these planned for defense, do you have conflict regarding emblems, what is your war d? I have both maxed and Zim is more useful, facing that many telluria-vela-gravy defenses all the way who are perfect for a red cleanser. Both great heroes of course.

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Zim for defence, definitely, and the cleanse is especially useful against all the DoT heroes, telly, JF, Clarissa etc.

That being said, Tyr is my favourite hero and wins fights I have no business winning.

No other hero I know can go toe to toe with three other healthy 5* and beat them over 10+ turns.

He’s good as well if you like heal-3 heroes because you can put him out on a limb and he looks after himself.

You’re in a win-win situation :smile:


It depends, Zim is more supportive and Tyr holds his own more. I have Zim and I like her a lot, the fast cleanse helps tons for the team!

But Tyr is also good but I have no experience with him so I cant tell how he plays well.

In this era of ailments everywhere just like covid. Zim is like a masker, prevents any virus from killing ur heroes

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Another vote for Zim.

Zimithka and Guadian Gazelle for Druid emblems vs Try and Magni on the fighter ones

To me it would depend on how you play and what else you have… if you sitting with 5 maxed cRigard’s… then tyr would be a great offensive choice.
But zim is a great overall support hero for reds.

Like others mentioned, you can’t really go wrong. And you’ll have both maxed soon enough. :slight_smile:

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