Which red, opinions valued

Looking at next red hero.

Tyr, JF, Vanda are my top choices. Looking for opinion to give my one set of mats to, or wait?

This is for raids/war depth, possibly titans.

My roster;

Thanks in advance.

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Tyr first - very versatile that can be brought anywhere.

Vanda - if u need good defense.

Jf - the last one


I don’t have Tyr but when facing him he is extremely frustrating if he fires his special.
Vanda has saved my butt many times, but she is not one I fear facing when she is on defense. Tyr can be a pain with just him being the last one on the battle field.

I would second @mogulemon suggestion.

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You already have Gravemaker, stacking burning heroes would be a double edged sword. I´d also go for Tyr, with the other reds you have, another sniper will be very useful.

I´d go Tyr, Vanda, Marjana for red roster.

Sorry notyou87 I clicked the wrong reply button, didn´t inted to mention you :slight_smile:


would do same order.

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I had the same issue and did Vanda first (now got 6 rings and planning to do Tyr). However I noticed that barring Telly the number of healers somewhat decreased last few months so Tyr would be better option. He’s not a problem on defense, but on offense he can turn the tide of battle.


All good points so far, thanks. I wouldn’t use on defense, strictly attacking and titans, I couldn’t see any of them replacing GM at this time.

If it helps Vanda is my only sorcerer so will get 800 emblems, but Tyr has competition with Magni.

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