Tyr or JF (or Vanda)?


who would you ascend in my case from pairing JF/Tyr (edit: now also Vanda) ? What I have:

:five: 5* Full:
:red_square: Red: Elena, Natalya, QoH, Guardian Kong,
:blue_square: Blue: Magni, Miki, Vela, Skadi
:green_square: Green: Gregorion, Kadilen, Heimdall, Lianna
:yellow_square: Yellow: Ranvir, C-Vivica, Sif, Norns, Roc
:purple_square: Purple: Sartana, Victor, Clarissa, Kageburado, Ursena

:four: 4* Full:
:red_square: Red: C-Boldtusk, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur, Sumle
:blue_square: Blue: C-Kiril, C-Sonya, Mireweave, Triton, Jott
:green_square: Green: Hansel, Gadeirus, C-Gandalf, Brynhild, C-Caedmon, C-Kasshrek, Almur
:yellow_square: Yellow: Wu Kong, Guardian Jackal, Gretel, Mist, Gullinbursti, Lady Woolerton
:purple_square: Purple: Rigard, Proteus x2, CHeshire Cat, Merlin, C-Tiburtus, Fura, Sabina

Also, I am currently working on Seshat and second Kiril (no second Gullinbursti unfortunately).
I would like to go with Tyr. Is he a good option? I plan to use him mainly on attack (in most events if possible).

I would go Tyr to give you a “Point and shoot” damage dealer in red :slight_smile:

Your other reds are all AoE heroes (with the exception of Natalya) so having Tyr able to deal some targetted damage will be very handy :slight_smile:


Thanks @Guvnor. But as luck is by my side in this game these days (surprising, I know, also I probably drained my luck for few next months. Or it was karmic rebalance after terrible months? Who knows?) I also pulled Vanda today from EHTs. So with her in competition, who’s the best option to fully ascend in my case? I’d still do Tyr for reasons you mentionned.

Now it seems my lack of 5* reds is resolved …

Vanda is a completely different style of hero; being predominately (IMO) a support hero.

Vanda is great for shutting down the GTV set-up in that her ailment protection will protect against GM’s Burn, Tell’s mana slow & Vela’s Attack debuff & DoT.

The Healing Steal will neuter the healing done by Telluria & any other healer on their side, and is also great for field aid wars where it steals 61% of the War Rule healing too :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I would say it depends on your play style… But I would take both Tyr & Vanda to 3-70. Then decide which one fits your play style & war teams best. Then go with them.

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Ah true, completley forgot about the dreaded Field Aid. Anyway, I will do as you say to test them out, will max both eventually anyway. Thanks a lot! :+1:

If it’s for any kind of defense I’d say JF.
Tyr is easily countered by a dispel and he hits like a hug.
For war attack:
For S3 map/def down titty:
JF doesn’t do so good war attack dmg, but his dot is
good vs high defense mobs/bosses

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Sorry, just a question.

You say that Tyr is easily countered by a dispell… but JF literally does nothing if there is a cleanser there…?

If it’s an issue for one, surely its an issue for the other…?

Don’t underestimate the power of a deadly hug.


Not to take anything away from Tyr’s wet noodle hitting abilities

Attack-wise JF is easily countered by a cleanser or Lady Loki or Grazul or Malosi or similar. However, even to this day I stlil forget his defense down flipping abilities which can come back to bite me.

But it’s seems like there are more dispel heroes
available than there are cleansers.
Dunno the tier we are talking about, but still.
And maybe I assumed some 4stars at high emblem which are useful
for dispel.
I know costumes have given more cleansers.
Moo :kissing_heart:

Ye. Since so many got Lady Loki.

Every time I see a JF, I bring Snow White. She uses all of those buffs to power up Snow White’s hit and she ends up taking out half of the opponents team.

I’d love to have SW. She works if you set up your own buff/dispell barrage (Kiril, C Kiril, Frida, Vel - she would finish the huge damage they already set up) or she can nullify and reverse a powerful buff/dispell situation set up by the opponent (similar to but more powerful than Lady Loki). JF would be a good target as would Vela or any other hero that buffs/debuffs multiples to all.

SW is pretty rare though.

I bring Snow White on most of my raid teams anytime I’m facing a team with a lot of buffs. She is completely underrated.

I agree, I don’t see how anyone can’t see her true value.

I really wanted her from when she first came out.

For me Vanda that’s who i would level

Thanks all. I think I’ll level Vanda and Tyr to 3/70 and then I’ll see, because I like them for different reasons. Tyr for his self-preservation and rather fast executed finisher, Vanda because of AoE debuff resist which I am missing in my team, which is also Very Fast (no Grazul here). The damage isn’t bad either, 125% coming from 774 isn’t that shabby. And of course AoE heal steal. I excluded JF for now.

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I like Vanda of the 3 personally. I can see her being a pain on defense as a flank. Have JF at +19 and he’s a killer. At 2 turns more often than not a cleanse isn’t happening in my experience with him on offense.

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