Which 5* red hero to level (Tyr or Marjana)

Hallo everybody

I received Marjana and Tyr from the Valhalla summons, I just want to ask some advice, on which hero should I start to level first…
Tyr or Marjana


Stats: more sturdy and more attack.
Skill: no comment, Marjana +resurrect, +heal self, +bypass buff
Class: Fighter is best, plus Ranger (for his attack skill)

So very easy choice.


Thanks jin, the reason why I asked is because I’ve red some post where players state he is only good at defense and is not a hard hitter.

Anyway I will follow your advice, thanks a lot


Tyr’s special doesn’t hit incredibly hard, but his tile damage is quite a bit better than Marjana’s. His DOT stacking with other fire hero’s burn is really nice too.


Thank you for the advice and tips, I will focus on Tyr


In my honest opinion, they both deserve taking to max, but out of the two I would focus on Tyr first.
Good luck

Thank you JGE, yes I agree they are Legendary, and not ras3y to get Legendary

Tyr is an A level hero on offence and A+ on defence. Marj is regarded as a B level hero all around but if emblemed she can become a sneaky B+

Tyr is the choice, but as mentioned above, eventually both should be ascended.


I have both, Marj maxed+5 and Tyr at 4/70 and I tend to use him with BT and Mitsuko more often than with Marj in the mix.

He definitely holds his own and even at 4/70 he can be the last hero standing most times.

But for titans in my 4/1 team I will use both of them and they work well there also.

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Thank you guys, much appreciated.

@Ozy1 and @Halifax, I need some more advise please,
I have 33 3* heroes of which 15 are maxed.
13 4* heroes of which 2 are maxed.
3 5* Vela 3-70 and just got Tyr and Marjana yesterday…

Do I keep all the 3* heroes or can I feed the duplicates?

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Keep your 3*s. You will use them for tournaments, and they will fill out your war teams until you are able to build out your 4s and 5s. Some event, seasonal, and even S1 3s are worth having dupes of, but you can probably feed some of them away.

A few S1 3*s that might be worth leveling multiple of: Hawkmoon, Belith, Tyrum, Valen, probably others

Stop feeding your 5s. You are fortunate to have them, but you can’t utilize them fully right now. At this point, level 3s until you have 3-4 full rainbow teams. Next, do the same with 4s. At that point work on a mix of 4s and 5s.


Thanks @SupremeAlienRaptor SupremeAlien, I will definitely follow your advice, I only got rid of 4× Carver Heroes, as I find them not for me.

Regarding special events eg. Riddles of wonderland coming up, I have 4 Bane, 3 Azar, 3,Bjorn, 2 By Ulf, 3 Eidun, all maxed plus a couple of others, I played Pirares rare and finished all 15 stages, can you advise which 3*,s will help me in the coming event to earn a better score then my last of 70 000

I got to stage 15 on Epic but couldn’t beat bosses…lol hope I can make it this time

Thanks in advance


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Everyone sees things differently when it comes what heroes to keep and how to use them so I can only advise you on how I play which works for me.
Based on your roster your pretty much only starting our do the first thing is knowing what you use your heroes for and when.
Wars and the monthly events are 2 areas where having duplicates can come in handy.

Also what @SupremeAlienRaptor suggested is good.

Keeping duplicates here is important for wars as you need to make up 6 teams and these 3* can most certainly help fill that role.
What I have taught my alliance beginners is this.
When you haven’t got a strong rainbow team of heroes, using a stacked or mono team of weaker ones can do just ad well against maxed opponents because where you lose out on team strength and/or power you can make up in tile strength instead.
So at this point keeping all your duplicate 3* is actually more important to you than worrying about leveling up any 5* heroes.
Try to work on maxing three to five 3* teams first as this will allow you to also be able to create decent stacked teams later on the future for tournaments and wars.

I would level at this point all your healers here first as you can then start using them to help protect your 3* attackers.
If you have them, my suggestion would be any debuffing healers first like Melandor and Sabina and then the like of Boldtusk and Kiril or one of each.
These Healers will also help you with your 6 war teams.

It’s always great to have 5 star heroes in ones roster and most certainly have a 3 very decent ones there so my advice here as strange as it may sound is not to worry about leveling these until you have at least 3 rainbow 3 star teams and at least 2 4 star rainbow teams.
This will allow you to build up your ascension items required for your 5* in the future.

My personal advice is and I say this to all my alliance trainees in our training alliance, this game is a grind and is best played taking it slow and steady one step at a time. It’s not about how much you spend as that will not make you a better player and no amount if spending will, it’s not about having a ton of 5* as that will not make you a stronger player, it’s not about getting the highest scores in wars and titans as that will not get you better rewards. Sometimes you learn more from losing than you do from winning and there is no shame in losing a war or letting a titan go.
A. It’s about participation and dedication and learning how play as and within a team.
B. It’s also about patients and experience and you only get those from growing slowly.
C. It will take 18 months to 2 years of grinding before you will become a strong player, enjoy the game, have fun win or lose, learn from those willing to teach you and mist of all don’t let yourself fall into that percentage of complainers that lose sight that this is just a game.

So with all that said, how you choose to play is your decision and I wish you all the best.
If your ever interested you can join us in our Line App group where we have quite a few experience players always there will to help out both from our alliance and other alliances.
Find Gridlock1ooo and send me a message to add you.

Good Luck


Wow, Ozy this is by far the best advice anyone gave me, and I can only respect you for such true words spoken and can only adhere at each and every word of advice from you, I am playing E&P since May 2019, and enjoying every second of game play, also I have asked for help and advice in the past and couldn’t really quite understand some of the other players comments, and then just carried on, not sure what to do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the correct gameplay methods to me in plain and simple English I can understand, you are really great mentor and I will ask you directly in future for help and advice.


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I have 7 three stars of each colour maxed and will be doing some Valhalla ones as well. I like having a good selection of heroes for tournaments and events so I originally did 5 each for mono runs, but since then new ones appear and I level them up too. Lots of dupes, however, as not all 3*s are created equal.

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