Troops: keep levelling 1 of each color or level a few of each color?

I have 2 4* purple, blue, green and 1 4* yellow and red. So far I have been levelling 1 of each 4* for every color. Is it better to first max 1 of each and then do the others, or should I try to focus also on the rest of the troops? I know having more than 1 levelled troops is better for color stacking but is it worth? It surely slows down a lot the levelling and I would like to have powerful troops for my main team (which is rainbow).

What is your strategy? (sorry if the question has been asked, I tried to browse a few posts but I couldn’t find an answer to my question)

One troop more for your def and then up to 5, if you’ll play mono or at least 3 of each color and tier (except 1*) to troopify a stack of 3.

Keep at least 3 per color and tier and focus on one. I priorize mana over crit, but that could be discussed.


I have 3 of every color 3* and 3 of each 2* (and the 4* I mentioned in the post)
I’m undecided on whether to keep levelling just the strongest of each color or start levelling also the other 4* and 3*. This would give me more than 1 strong troop but would slow down the levelling of my main troop. Still confused :cry:

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I originally though I would stick to one (as you use it far more so the incremental benefit of the 2nd and later troops drops) however as the cost grows exponentially, I think the best strategy for newer players is to bring up 4*s to around level 6-7, then level a second troop of the same colour to 2-3 and progressively move up. Eg. Imagine this scheme (1st troop-2nd-3rd) per colour

Then level something like this:

You get the point.


I’ve found this to be rather self regulatory; it’s so expensive to level troops that I can barely use 1* feeders anymore, so whichever colour I happen to pick up 2 and 3* feeders for get the level that day.

Also, I’m focusing on mana troops but have taken the crits to at least lvl 2 via the above concept. And kept a leveled 3* for every colour.


Feed 1* to 2*,
2* to 3* and
3* to 4*,
except another troop can be fed to reach the next level.

Focus on the strongest of each color, but keep at least 3 of each color and tier. They could be locked by clicking the question mark and then closing the lock.

There are certain steps for 4* troops, where they level up their ability. 7, 11, 17, and 23. If you reached those, focus another for leveling.



Generally a level 1 troop is more powerful than a leveled troop of a lower rarity. But summoning them can be a problem ( see Notes).

So I advise teammates to keep 3 of each type. Gryphonkit, my wife, keeps 1 of each type.

One day I will have 3 of each type of 4* troop ( 30 total ).




4* chart ( linky, linky)


Wow. I use exclusively 1* feeders as long as the cost is at most 45k food per troop.
[Yes. So around level 7 for a 4* and level 10 for a 3*. Could push it further really.]

You mean 45k per feeder? For a lvl7 troop it’s 49k/feeder… getting barely half a level using 10 1* costs approx 500k. I’m always ham-challenged due to constantly leveling multiple heroes and reluctant to part with even the smallest piece of pork for anything else. Ah, the choices.

If you level your camps to 11, you can spam 8,7 over and over and use EXTRA LOW COST. You’ll have more 1 and 2* feeders than you know what to do with.
I only use corresponding colors for feeding.


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