Troop leveling tips

Hello. I was looking for tips on levelling troops.

I know it takes a lot of hams and feeders to level up troops. As c2p, i was only able to get 3 red mana troops, 1 purple mana, 1 yellow crit, and 1 blue mana. No green 4* troops yet.

My questions are:

  1. For my red mana troops, how far should i level 1 before levelling another?
  2. Should i spend gems to try to summon a green 4* troop? Or just go ahead and level my 3* ones?
  3. How far should i go for the yellow crit troop before i save feeders for (fingers crossed) possibly getting yellow mana troop?- would love a yellow mana troop for my jackal.

As far as I’m concerned I focus only on mana troops.
The aim is to have at least one level 23 of each colour so that your average speed heroes can fire on 9 tiles.
However if you have multiples mana troops, it may be may good to level the second one to level 5. Why level level 5? Because with a level 5 troops your average speed costumes heroes will charge in 9 tiles (costume rigard, tibertus, boltusk, melandor and soon Kiril are the ones who benefits the most of this). A level 5 troops is easy and relatively cheap to have.

For some colours you may want to have a second mana troop to level 11 so you can charge your very fast hero in 6 tiles or your average 4* stars emblemed hereos (only the ones with +4%) in 9 tiles (looking at you Sabina).

Troops are so long and ham consuming that I don’t think it’s a good idea to level up 3 stars troops. I regret having spend so much on a 3* red damages troops when I was waiting for my first 4* red troops. My advice would be to keep all your feeders until you get one.

As for crit troops, I don’t level those for now but I will eventually consider level one of those for my tank.

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I actually don’t agree with the strategy of not giving feeders to your 3s. Firstly, you may not get a 4 in a certain colour for a year or more (this is very common, and happened to me). In that time not getting the significant benefits of fairly well levelled (say levels 10 - 20) 3* troops will significantly handicap your raids and events.
Secondly, you need 3s for 4 tourneys/events and even 2s for 3 tourneys and events. So even if you level up a 3* troop and then find you no longer need it for your general raiding/events, you will still get a good amount of use from it from special events.


My advice would be first of all, checking the forums if the find recruits II quest pops up, since it can contain an epic troop token, which can save you some gems in the long run.

Very well explained here:


The link above is useful, but it leaves off one thing — HOW do you level your troops?

I’ve found that using 1 star troops has seriously diminishing returns beyond about 11 for a 4 star. It just costs too much food!

The flip side is that you aren’t going to have enough 3 star troops to level up very far. I now have one green 4 star mana at 17, a second at 5, and I’m out of green feeders.

I’m hoping that HA gives us a way to train troops, because I loathe the idea of using gems to pull them, but I’m also increasingly desperate for any kind of 4 Star purple. But really, really need a mana troop ( and a yellow one too).

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What I do

  1. Always grab any free Epic Troop Token I can get my hands on - checking the Recruits II Mission is a must. Bookmark the thread. Likewise any regular summon token, as that’s a major source of feeders.

  2. Figure out the best way to get that troop leveled up to just below hitting a new level, to get the maximum mileage out of your food.

  3. Accept that leveling troops is very expensive, and that it’s going to consume a LOT of food. I am sure different people deal with it differently, but I try to do these:
    A. Level 1 troop I am using of the strong color of the titan that just showed up, unless it’s a planned skip.
    B. Level up 1 troop when I build a building with Iron to spend both down somewhat at same time.
    C. Level up what troops I have of various levels. I’m not waiting for the perfect troop, it may never come.

Other people will have different thoughts, but this helps me make sure I’m always making progress as a almost free to play person.


This is exactly what i was worried about. Its hard to field a mono team or even a 3-2 stack when only 1 of them will have a decent troop.

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You need to define “decent” as relative to what you can obtain. There’s nothing wrong with using 3* troops that are leveled when you don’t have enough 4*

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