How do YOU upgrade your troops?

Are those in beta? I have no info on those so cannot speak to it

Good question. I thought there was a screenshot that was posted that showed only 3* troops were allowed in an example of a weekly raid challenge.

Found it!


I’m sure those would be similar to event tiers if they happen. I highly doubt troops will make a difference there

I dunno, it might make enough of a difference to have a better score.

For attack, you go with 2 or 3 colour. So you need to up 2 troop. I have 5 times 5 4* troops and up 3 of each colour. For titan neet 4 or 5 troops begorse you go with 4 or 5 same for attack. 3* do you neet for the events.

Way too little information on that though. I have no clue how scoring will work

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True, true. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Troop power levels


3* lvl 01 and 3* lvl 10

For Epic tier completion bonus on challenge events, I currently have 3x full sets of 3* lvl 01 troops and 1x 3* lvl 10 of my favorite troops.

A full set of troop being one of each type so fifteen for 3* and ten for 4*.

4* lvl 01 and 4* lvl 17

Eventually I hope to have 3x full set of 4* lvl 01 troops and 1x full set of 4* lvl X troops.

I am considering leveling my 4* troops only to level 17 since that seems to be the half way point for the prime stat.

If the prime stat is Defense, a 4* lvl 1 troop has a +16% Defense and a 4* lvl 30 troop has a +25% Defense. According to my records, a 4* lvl 17 should be +21% ( based on a lvl 13 being +20% ).


Instead of leveling my troops when I get new troops, I level my troops when I have enough for a full level.

I will hoard food and troops until I have enough troops to increase my blue 4* troop +1 level, then I will level it.

This way I can get a better troop, or change my mind about a favorite troop, and I am not stuck with an unused troop at 50% to the next level.


Never thought of using multiple same colored heroes at the same time?
Due to that I even don’t feed 3* troops.

Sadly I don’t have a 4* troop rainbow, but some leveled 3*.

3* are much faster and cheaper to level. They also can be leveled higher at the same leveled troop building.

I’d recommend keeping at least 4 (better 5) troops each color to fire the titan and to stack colors during wars, raids and some events, whrere you can only bring 2 or 3 star troops.

I only level a troop if I have excess food. I go the rainbow 4* route as high as I can go.

I’ll save the 4* until I would have 5 for each tipe and for the 3* troops I’m saving x5 ATK> and x1 CRT> for each element.

I’m also saving x5 ATK> 2* troops for every element.

When I were not thinking about the endgame I were leveling 3* troops, now my goal is to find/level rainbow mana troops at least up to lv23

No, I didn’t even have enough feeders to level my 4* troops of choice.

Blair, I use a similar process as you do. I’ve had success with it although I’m sure there is a better way.

I’m only saving three of each 4* type/color of troop, so 6 total per color. Also saving five Attack versions of each color, both 3* and 2*.


Figured out that 1* are very bad to level 4* troops, so I fed them to 3*, which has a far better cost-effect-ratio.

Sadly that recommends troop pulling to raise the 4* troops, too. Feeding 3* to 4* is the way to go for me.

I keep 5 for each color, no matter if 3 or 4 star and try to level 4 of them likely balanced to each other. 5th is just a placeholder for roster view, since I doesn’t play mono except just for fun. But I often use 4-1 stacks, which recommends at least 4 of a color.

Since I don’t care for 3* heroes, there’s no need for 2* troops for me either.

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I am just 8 months in the game and my first set of 4* mana troops are only at levels 14-17. As I currently can not afford to spend an insane amounts of ham on troops, my strategy so far has been to level my first set of 4* troops only with 2*-4* feeder troops. I am keeping up to 5 of each 4* mana troops as well as a couple of each 4* crit troops. Once I run out of 2*-4* feeder troops, I will start spreading evenly my 1* troops to couple more of each 4* troop color and/or some 3* troops.

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I think i got very lucky regarding troops. I have not only very colour, but both crit and mana troops in rainbow. However leveling is the real pain.

My current plan is:
level blue, yellow and red mana to 23, since most of my heroes there are average
level purple mana to 11 for Kageburado
level green crit troops until I don’t want anymore. My green heroes are mostly fast mana and I don’t want to take forever to get the mana troops up to 29.
Current highest are blue mana at lvl 15.
I’ll try taking ~3 sets of 4* troops to a decent level before giving any exp to 2-3*. But that’s looking 10 years into the future

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2* will be spread among the higher ones as needed.

//Thanks for puttin this explanation together @Gryphonknight. 5 likes from me;)

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I save all 4* troops, unless I have more than 5 in a single color (LOL that hasn’t happened yet, probably never will). I usually also save one of each type of 3* troop. For the same reason I keep one of each 3* hero. I guess it’s a hoarding thing. :man_shrugging:

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