4* Troop levelling - one of each colour to the max, or spread around for mono attack teams?

As you can see below, by looking at the left hand column, I have one 4* troop of each colour at Level 17.
For now I have stopped there and, as you can see, have started levelling other 4* troops up a bit, so I can eventually have 5 4* levelled troops for each mono attack team.

What do other folk do? Do you focus on one troop of each colour to have one of each really strong for a rainbow defence team, or do you level up a range of troops to strengthen any mono attack teams you may use?

Thanks very much


Good question. I’ll be watching this. Currently I’m at lvl 11 mana and spreading out the rest


I put everything into level 23 mana troops, one each (rainbow). Its needed for war defense more than anything.

After I got one of each to 23, I moved to crit troops and worked them up to 10.

Now I am working on mana troops again stoping at 11.

Current short-goal is to have the following troop setup for each color.
lvl 23 mana - lvl10 crit - lvl 11 Mana - lvl11 mana - lvl 11 mana (or another lvl 10 crit)

After I reach that, I will go back to the lvl 23 mana troops and take them to 30.


So @Olmor, I saw your “ridiculous brag”

Where are you going from here with troops? See question in my original post. Are you taking these beyond LVL 17, or working on some other 4* troops

Me, too. I’m just now to the point of having my first set of four-stars at 17. The rest are 16.

That’s pretty similar to my setup, now after nearly 2 years in the game.
I got one set of mana troops at 23, one at 11 and crit up to 9 now.
Beside red, there I leveled a third mana troop first to 11 and now started to work on my crit troop.

Btw. I don’t play mono, beside on blue titans, so I only need 3 high leveled troops of each colour for now.

I’m not sure, how far I gonna level my crit troops until I start to level the mana troops up to 29.
But I guess it gonna take another year or more, to get them to 29.

I think this depends a ton on your roster. For example, when I got a second Valeria, I leveled a second blue mana troop to 11 for her. Similarly, when I got Rigard’s costume I leveled a second purple mana troop to…I forget if it was level 5 or 6…I think 5.

I don’t mind pouring resources into crit, as I think the short-term ROI on those is better. So I take those to wherever I feel comfortable, based on the hero I use them most often with. Usually that’s meant something in the teens for now.

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All up to 30 in the long run.


This is interesting to see and I am glad someone posted it.

I am leveling a rainbow mana set to 21 now (green and yellow stuck at 20 with no feeders)

Would it make sense to leave them here beforer 23 and level a set of crit troops?

This is what I have now.

I was leveling a couple at a time before I started focusing on the highest one as you can see.


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Let’s set aside the food cost - what is your plan for gathering that many troops? Asking for myself.


Mono raiding…

…but I focus on at least 2 of each element, 1 mana and 1 crit.

Well I mean that is always the goal right?

Getting there as we all know is no easy task with the cost and the fact that troops are locked in to color leveling only.

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I’ve fine-tuned my AR and regular farming to key in on troops for exactly this reason. But even so, going from lvl 17 to the oh-so-critical-level 23 will not be an easy task. I guess I’m just hoping someone has another idea. Or that SGG finally rolls out a building that can train troops.

@Gryphonknight, if (theoretical) Advanced Training Camp level 21 or higher trains troops, that is basically the scenario I was thinking about when I said I may bring my last two from 11 and 19 to 20. If it happens, I will shift as many TC over full time to troop training, resources allowing, and assuming I can still bank food / recruits somehow.

I guess it’s possible the answer would be that I can only shift two, needing the others at 11 and 20 for storage. Even in that case, I’d need 3x TC at 20+ then. But if training the troops eats a lot of recruits (which it would have to, right?), then I could see situations where I’d only need one TC for storage, with the other 3 cranking out troops.


Boy if I could make troops I would be all set.

Right now I have 2 TC11, a TC 2, and TC20 for whatever reason. I don’t pull any new heros (my luck has been bad lately as a C2P). I am running out of things to level as well.

Troop camps would be very welcome!

But what if it is bad a ROI for Troop XP as Advanced color training for Hero XP?

Alchemy lab is not inspiring confidence.

Though I have a new found love for Harpoons since they only require 1* ingredients and often a single healer Boss ( looking at you Vivica, Friar Tuck and Mother North) is the pain in my rear.

Might use iron ( lower production than food )
and titan parts ( limited by 23 hour titan spawn timer ) just to slow down outliers in the user base.

I have never understood the design behind 4* troops except “this should get them off our back for a few years”.


Yep, I have essentially no clue what it will look to train troops. Good thoughts about different materials and titan parts. Luckily, I have a decent stockpile as I don’t craft for events and don’t have an Alchemy Lab!

To me, the lack of knowledge is all the more reason to put myself in the best possible situation to be prepared. For me, 4x TC 20 does that. Even if there’s only a…let’s say 10% chance that it becomes relevant / useful for me, I am fine with that.

I really just find the cost fairly low: it’s just iron and time and I’m running out of things to make with my iron anyway (i.e., my opportunity cost is getting lower and lower as I level other buildings first).

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I would first level the mana troops to level 23.
But if you got any very fast hero that you regularly use, then I would level a second mana troop to 11 first, before you go to level 23 with the high troop.

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Thanks, I will grind them out to 23 before I move on.

Victor and Valeria are my only V fast heros and don’t see much use outside of wars.

I’m glad u r so diversified but what is your attack style? If u are primarily a 2-2-1 the really working on maxing 2 of each makes $sense. If your a 3-2 then u can look at 3. So in reality how many time are you mono or 4-1? That should help you with you gameplan and $. I’m basically as 2-2-1 for raids and sometimes war. On titian since I have Wilber+20 and Wu, I need 3 strong reds and yellows but but my money is mostly on the 2’s

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I took a set of mana troops to 23, did a second set of manas to 11, did a set of crits to 10, went back to my level 23 manas and got them to 29 for my war defense, now I’m working on getting my second set of manas from 11-23. I raid/war 3-2 so my focus been on 3 troops of each element.