Reduced ham cost troop leveling (The germ of an idea, sanitized by peer review) *Updated for use with 1* troops!


edited to reflect corrected calculations

So we all know leveling troops is extremely ham intensive. And I don’t have enough 3* to feed to my 4* troops. I do however have an abundance of 2* troops. The problem is they only provide 90xp each. So i asked myself, “what if I level the troops before i feed them?”

Each additional level on a 2* adds 16xp. For 63k ham you can feed a level one 2* troop eight 2* lvl 1 troops and one 1* level 1 troop. This results in a 2* level 5 troop worth 154xp. It becomes cost effective to pre level these feeders to level 5 when your 4* troop reaches level 17. At level 29 you save over 1.3 million ham to go from 0 xp to level 30.

edit: Xp per level was accidentally doubled. The following table has been corrected and contains the correct values for ham savings, about half what I originally calculated.

edit: Table values corrected. In light of the corrected data, this method probably doesn’t save enough ham to be worth using for many players. So no need to read unless you’re bored or curious or have tons of low level troops to feed.

As more than one person has shown interest in using this method with 1* troops I figured I’d plug the numbers into the spreadsheet. I was pleasantly surprised. The ham/xp is still much higher than using 2 *s, but it will save you vs. using unleveled 1 *s starting at level 15 on your 4 * troops.

Feeding 9 x lvl1 1* troops to a fresh 1* troops brings you to level 4, increasing the xp value from 40 to 64.


But feeder troops are more difficult to get than ham; don’t waste your feeders.


My barracks is only at level 4, i have feeders piling up. I’m a long way from this being useful to me. Maybe I won’t have a surplus when my 4*s hit level 16. I haven’t analyzed the total additional feeders required, but its about 9x as many.

So not for people short on feeders, agreed.

edit: I referenced Barry Farmz, apparantly 0.10 troops per flag is the max drop rate, and this is during AR only. Thus i must concur that this method would quickly deplete one’s feeder stock and would be unsustainable through farming.

It was a fun math project, maybe someone will find it useful. Maybe just for the last few levels when it’s most advantageous.

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Did i get this right? You suggest to feed 8 (eight?) x 2* troops + 1 x 1* troop to an unleveled 2* troop to advance it to lvl 5 right? So this gives you a freaking additional 64xp when you feed this troop to another…

Well, the question is whether 2.5 million ham saved are worth the numerous lost 2* feeder troops? I mean, ham is produced all the time all on it’s own, but you need to farm for troops! :thinking:
Keep in mind that this approach still costs you 11 million in ham for the last troop level. Hence, it saves you about 20% in ham, but on the expense of an inconveivably large number of 2* troops, which you might realize could have been useful for other purposes (like leveling 3* troops for events and tournaments).

My personal opinion: don’t do this! :pleading_face:

I suggest another approach that likewise is used by players for hero leveling as well: use 1* troops for low (eg until lvl 17), 2* for medium (eg until lvl 24) and 3* feeder troops for the last levels of your 4* troops - and keep in mind it needs a lot of patience. :roll_eyes:

side note: no one considers to cannibalistically max Aife first, only to feed it to Noor because it brings a few additional xp?! :crazy_face:


Troops require insane amounts of ham compared to heroes. I can hardly believe SG expects me to spend over 100k per feeder in the home stretch, especially when it’s only worth 90xp. Somethings broke, but i guess my attempt to fix it was shortsighted. SG just wants us to fork cash over to the troop portal for 3* feeders, which is greedy AF, IMO.

It is a game that requires a lot of patience - this principle is perfected in troop leveling and puts all our nerves on edge. I agree that it needs almost insane amounts of ham, but you can finish your troops without investing in the troop portal ‘just’ by being insanely patient… :roll_eyes:

Dunno if I’m missing something, but these “xp to next level” values presented in the table don’t seem to be correct either.


Values corrected, my apologies.

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I don’t have that many spare 2* troops, but does your method work using 1* troops to level up a 2* troop to level 5?

Is there a break point (level) that this becomes food efficient when leveling a 4* troop?

I am trying to get my 4* troops from Level 17 to 23 at them moment… and was saving my 3* troop feeders when I get closer to 23.

No. The cost of feeding goes up each time you level up, and it would take too many 1*s to be cost effective.

If you use 2 *s the break point is level 17. The last column in the chart shows the difference between the cost of using level 1 2 *s and level 5 2 *. The negative numbers in red are where its not useful, the black numbers indicate the amount of ham saved.

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This may save ham, but you are sacrificing so much troop XP in the process. It is not worth it. Troop XP is much, much harder to acquire than ham, and you’re going to need every feeder you get if you want to level your troops high enough to be competitive.

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yeah, that’s pretty much been established. I’m a level 45 with a math fetish. I was unaware that feeders would become a rarity in my future. I just know I never have enough ham.

If a mod would like to delete this thread, be my guest.

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(SCIENCE! Peer Review at its finest! or Nothing to see here, move along, move along - #8 by Gryphonknight)


I suggest keeping it, and just changing the title.


Thanks … this answers a question that has been on my mind about this … and the answer is that Troop XP is more important than food in the long run.

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Thanks for this. The post on bootstrapping feeder heroes really put things in perspective for me. I shall try, try, and try again, lol.


Just realized you are the author of this post :joy:. Brilliant attempt, you are a man of my own clan to be sure. Microtrainer, has a nice ring to it. Very much enjoyed the thread. And also appreciate the support.


I’m glad you didn’t delete this thread.

I’ve thought your proposal would be good in the past, and had been told by a friend (L80+) that she knew folk who do as you’ve done; so you’re not alone.

For many, it may not be a good utilisation of resources; but for some out there, this may suit their needs.

The discussion of differing approaches is great.


Twenty of these = :+1:


Thank you. As you can likely tell by my non-existent avatar and low post count I’m new to the forum, as a contributor at least. Was feeling a little bit eviscerated at first. But a good night’s sleep and a little encouragement go a long way.


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