Finishing my lvl 23 mana troops or start with new magic mana troops

Hey you all,
I have mana troops al lvl 23, 17 and 11 in every color. What would you suggest, either leveling one set to lvl 30 or start with the new magic manatroops (right now I only have them in two colors)
thanks for the input.

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Do you emblem your heroes with that mana node ?

If you do, I would push the level 17 to 23.

This way you have 2 mana troops for your fast heroes.

Leaving that 11 for now.

Then try to get a set of rainbow magic troops.


Thank you for the reasonable advice.
Yes, most of my often used fast heroes are at +19/20. Some are still at +18 but they hopefully will get their mana node soon.

Seems like the way to go!

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I had the exact same situation and question a month ago. I got a fourth troop (magic) up to be able to accommodate my teams.

But I’m currently working on getting mana to 29. 2 elements down.

I wouldn’t go to 30.

TLDR: are you hitting your mana points with your teams? Would another troop help? Would it be better to get a specific troop to a specific level?


I often don’t support fast heroes with mana nodes cause I have so many averages to worry about… I am near you in terms of current troops, with the exception of green I am at 29-17-11 troop teams and decided to work on magic troops before further progress on Mana troops.

One key consideration is the upcoming v2 costumes, there are many combinations possible to get double costume bonus heroes down to 6 or 9 tiles for fast or slow base speed only with a magic troop at final node as Mana. Something to think about.

Edit: I am missing red and yellow magic troops so hope for some luck next portal. I am waiting til after next POV start to do some more levels, but then the 3 I do have should all be level 15+ then.

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I rely a lot on average heroes, so a second troop at lvl 23 seems to be worth it.
And after that I think I’ll start with the magic troop. Let’s see.
Thank you all for the advice. It’s appreciated!

This type of question is also why I take the mana nodes despite some people advising otherwise. The difference in needing a troop at 23 vs 29 is enormous. I don’t have the numbers but I’d wager that you could raise a magic troop to 11 and drop another average hero down a tile for the same or less resources.


Mana speed on a magic 11 = a Mana 17, so yes, a basic Mana node plus magic 11 well get you a reduced tile on an average hero

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I would push the other troops to 23.

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