Troop, feeder, and feeder material drop rates from 1500 runs in the same province and 900 elsewhere

Hi all,

I like collecting data to get a better sense of drop rates in the game. Below is some data I have on my preferred farming level (5-6) for the past few months (all data before 1.13). Why 5-6? Province 5 for extra backpack drop rate, and level 6 because it had more monsters to fill monster chests faster than 5-8. I also have a few hundred runs on some other popular levels (6-8 for crude and recruits, 8-7 due to popularity in past).

I only recorded hero, troop, and hero feeder mat (recruits, backpack, swords, clothes) info bc I could get it all in one screenshot. Enjoy :smiley:



Reserved for comments/analysis in future.

  • Hero and troop drop rates seem to be independent of farming level (only 3 world energy levels considered)

  • Never more than two heroes, never more than one troop per run. Two heroes + one troop possible.

  • “Increased chance to find X” seems to be roughly double the chance.

  • Recruits appear to drop as average ± 1

  • It appears rolls are:

  1. Hero slot 1
  2. Hero slot 2
  3. Troop slot
  4. Recruits set value ± 1
  5. Items probably have a similar value +- 1 roll type, with “increased chance” items having double weight.

All these are summed together to give total “chests” during farming.

Excellent work. Feathers and hardwood stats PLEASE :wink:

Something fun to calculate with troop drop rates is time to bring a lvl 4 troop to level 30 by farming only.

(0.15 1* troop/run) x 40 exp/1star troop + (0.05 2* troop/run) x 90 exp/2star troop :heavy_division_sign:
(3 world energy/run) x (0.2 chance for specific color) = 0.7 troop exp/energy

It takes ~64,000 energy to max a set of 4star troops of all colors, which would be 91,428 world energy * 10 min/world energy gives ~635 days, assuming you use all your world energy for farming 3-world energy levels.

Note that flasks, level ups, epic troop and regular summon tokens will reduce this. For comparison, I’m just about to finally hit lvl 23 on some mana troops (~38,800 total troop exp). The method above would predict 384 days to hit lvl 23, but I have only been playing 324. So the other sources of troop exp shave some time off, but the bulk of my troop exp comes from farming with world energy.

Another fun calculation is comparing spending gems on troop summons (160gems/pull in bulk) vs world energy refills (100 gems). At level 46 I have 39 world energy, which gives (0.7 troop exp/energy * 39 energy) / 100 gems per refill = 0.273 troop exp/gem

Assuming a troop summon has 5% chance of a 4* you get 0.95 x 200 + 0.05 x 400 = (210 exp*0.2 color chance) / 160gem = 0.2625 troop exp/gem (the 5% 4star rate is a guess. 10% gives 0.275 troop exp/gem).

Based on this simple estimate, at ~37 world energy it costs less gems to refill world energy and farm feeder troops than to level using troop pulls. They are very similar though, and each has it’s advantages. Using world energy refills you get crafting materials and hero feeder materials, but it takes a lot more food (!!) and real life time. And you won’t get any 4* troops this way while pulling you can get a full set of crit and mana troops in each color.

Based on how close these values are, I can’t help but wonder if they back-calculated troop drop rates based on world energy refill costs at a certain lvl vs troop summon costs.

P.S. please check my math and correct me if I’m wrong anywhere.


Thanks! I think I’m done collecting data on province drop rates. Too tedious haha. I didn’t collect anything on crafting mats because I would have had to screenshot twice, which would have made inputting everything a headache.

This is amazing… Thank you!

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