Farming backpacks - other than province 5


Do you have any better locations than province 5 for the farming of backpacks, for farming in province 5 all the times means boredom. :sleepy:


Easy… look at the description of the backpack: Season 2 province 1


Yes, season 2 - province 1. And if you have a strong team or a spare loot tickets, go for hard difficulty. The loot is doubled there. It’s quite normal that you get 4-8 backpacks from one fight there.


Was wondering the same thing… played around with 2-1 a bit and I noticed the backpack drops are pretty good. Just not sure if the ratio is better than 5-8 per world energy.

Has someone done the analysis of backpack drop per world energy cost to see if it’s worth it vs. 5-8?

Looking for the most return per world energy…


I’ve shifted to farming 2-1-9/N for most everything: backpacks, midnight roots, filling monster chest. I’ll hit 1-8-7 for some runs to top up the recruit count (although 2-6-6/H is very good).


I’ll run some tests if I have time and report back. Like everyone I do 1-8-7 to top off recruits but then I hit 1-5-8 to get backpacks. I’ll try to see if I get better or equal ratio of backpacks at 2-1-9/N per energy point. Any reason why 2-1-9/N and not 2-1-10/N? Thanks!


2-1-9/N has a higher average number of mobs. If you get lucky with the 5-mob levels, you can fill your hero chest there.


Beautiful. My focus right now for is to try to level up my team as much as possible… and get some ascension items. So my main goal is always backpacks, recruits and enough monsters to open chests when I farm. Seems like it might be a good fit and a change of pace from 1-7-9 / 1-5-8 on a loop. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for you input. I will go farming season 2-1.


Yeah, its the recruits that prevent me from farming S2-1-x exclusively as well. It can get close to the same number of recruits but I have found the same thing that 1-8-7 is required to get the number of recruits I need for the amount of WE I have.

I know the question was backpacks, but I’ll throw out that S2-6-10/N is great for swords and pretty solid for recruits.


Kenny -

I’ve found Provinces 5, 7 & 12 are decent got obtain adventure kits.


I have been doing s2 1-2 hard when I can to kill those undead dudes and get a healthy amount of backpacks there as well. I have seen as many as 8 in one go.