Any ideas how to max 4* troops without spending 100s of dollars?

I’ve seen the amount of food and troops it costs to do this. Any tips or tactics on how to do this faster than a year without spending 100s of dollars? @Revelate thanks for the cost chart and data crunching, as always it’s much appreciated

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Maxing troops in a year? That is almost impossible without spending. Check out this awesome data collection by @mrock42. He estimates 635 days worth of world energy to bring a set to max

If you aren’t willing to spend at all, It’s just a matter of farming and I believe it’s been shown you get more troops farming 3 flag provinces like 6-8 & 8-7. Keep an eye out for the desirable Recruits II Troop token, keep churning through chests for chances at tokens, and keep using those world energy flags.

If you spend, according to mrock’s data, 10x troop summons will save you on time and ham cost. But otherwise by using your gems for world energy refills (100g a pop) you would gain about the same troops plus tons of recruits, feeders, items, and exp by farming these 3 flag provinces. Of course at the extra cost of time and ham.

SG also offers deals that include troop tokens, you can work out whether it’s giving you enough value, but some can give a hefty discount off the “normal” cost.

I hope this helps, mrocks data had really given me valuable information and I’m happy to pass it along. Good luck!

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Just a quick follow up, lvl 23 mana troops is really the sweet spot and takes much less time. At lvl 23 mana troops move average mana heroes to 9 tiles to charge, which can be a big help. In fact, for general purposes I might suggest 2 mana troops at 23 over a single lvl 30, depending on heroes.

No need for almost.

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I did a bit of excel-fu and calculated just by doing troop summons, it’ll cost ~48000 gems to perform enough summons to level up a single 30* troop.

This assumes you get a 4* troop feeder 10% of the time of your summons.

That’s just summons. Doesn’t include any money spent on leveling barracks or refilling ham to spend on feeding troops.

Cool thanks guys. Just wanted to see if there’s a secret idk about lol

When I realized how valuable troop drops were I told myself I would not use any of them to level anything but a 4* and saved them all until I got a 4* of that colour.

IMO, spending half a years worth of troop drops to level 2* or 3* troops, sets you back in the long run on leveling your 4*'s when you do get them.

Right now my 4* troops are lvl 15-16 and I’ve only used the 1* and some of the 2* troops I have banked. Still have many 2* and all the 3* I have recieved to used once food costs go up. I should have enough saved up to get them to lvl 20 or more before I run out and have to play the waiting game.

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