Best new farm spot to keep TCs running!

First off, as a new-ish player, I’ve been following the recommended farm spots and was struggling to keep my backpacks flowing. After watching Anchor’s stream claim that Season 2 Province 1 Stage 9 was the place to be, I ran 50 of them and recorded the stats:
Energy Spent: 300
Recruits: 452 (1.50 per energy)
Swords: 36 (0.12 per energy)
Backpacks: 83 (0.28 per energy)
Rugged Clothes: 48 (0.16)
Training Manual: 36 (0.12 per energy)
So every 6 energy run of 2-1-9, I averaged: 9 Recruits, 0.72 Swords, 1.68 packs, 0.96 Clothes, and 0.72 manuals.

This seems pretty legit…6 energy takes 1 hour to gain, that 6 energy nets you ~2 backpacks, which is enough to que up TC2 twice, which takes 1 hour to complete. The AWFUL 258.33 xp per energy is a large drawback, but the 2* heroes/troops and occasional 3*-4* mat drops help take the sting away.
I’m a lowly SH13, so I’m not using rugged clothes yet(have over 800)…but using this, by the time I hit TC19, I’ll be able to que up thousands.
Anyone found better spots?


1-8-7 give 8-10 recuit for 3 energy run
1-5-8 give same chance as 2-1-9 for backpack

imo 1-8-7 + 1-5-8 > 2-1-9


First off, thanks for the work that is aprreciated by the community.

However, 50 runs might still not be a large enough sample size to make general assumptions. Also, treating 1,68 as “~2” will lead to exaggerated expectations. According to your stats it’s more like 18 WE give you 5 backpacks - which means every 3 hours you “lack” 1 backpack and therefore still won’t be able to keep running TC2 forever just by farming 2-1-9. Another thing: yes, 2-1-9 has a nice chance of dropping 2* heroes/troops, but it also takes twice as much WE for one run of 1-8-7 for example. Would be nice getting data comparing the hero/troop drops taking into account the WE demand, but I have a feeling that 1-8-7 wins this one as well.


It should be noted, too, that just how good it all looks (yay Adventurer’s Kits!) depends heavily upon each individual’s point of development. For instance: with my Stronghold at lvl 10, I find that I always have far too many recruits and rarely have enough food to run my second TC.

I run Low Cost on it if possible, but I can only rarely actually do anything other than that. It aint for a lack of kits, but for a lack of food. I gotta upgrade my heroes and keep those mines pumping out iron at max level as much as possible!

As such… consider that if you’re beyond my level and are attempting to push up your first 4* team or something… well yeah, you might pause work on the mines in order to push food production and get as many heroes out as possible.

Soo… cool! I’m glad that you found another viable alternative! The next question is:

If you can get recruits, kits, and food from 2-1-9 for SIX energy… and for the same six energy you could have run 5-8 + 8-7… how would that comparison come out?

I’m only 12 runs deep into my 1-5-8 test, so the sample size isn’t reliable yet, but right now:
Energy: 36
Recruits: 74
Swords: 9
Backpacks: 5
Rugged Clothes: 5
Manuals: 5

Unless the drops increase substantially, combining 1-5-8+1-8-7 will be better for recruits and xp, but probably not for packs. I’ll update when finished.

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The backpack drop on 2-1-9 HARD mode is significantly higher than on normal mode or on 1-5-8.

I havent noticed a different in adventure kit drops between normal and hard. Have even alternated before and got exact same results but doesnt mean hard couldnt have a higher average i guess?

But yes season 2 province 1 stage 9 has been my adventure kit stage of choice since the day atlantis was released, awesome source of kits


Any insight u could provide to this convo?

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@Maaeetz I’ve tried hard mode, the drop rate on backpacks (on my runs) didn’t increase enough to warrant the additional 4 WE per run.
I know everyone’s experience can be different, but for me the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

A few rounds won‘t provide good results that is for sure. I have data that indicates a droprate of 0.38 backpack/WE.

Sounds awesome, would you mind sharing your data?
I ran 10 rounds of hard, only got 7 backpacks for 100 energy. Maybe I was just unlucky.

When I think of @BarryWuzHere and his avatar…


From Twister


Sorry it‘s not my data and I‘m not allowed to share it. 10 runs and 7 backpacks sounds quite unlikely to me. From my experience I never had below 2 backpacks and you had it several times? Are you sure you played the right stage?

TLDR: YES; Farm S2/1-7 Hard or S2/1-8 Hard (long answer follows)

I’ve dug into the data from a big farming data collection project (Goal: 100 runs of data on each level of S2 and all the good farming levels in S1), and here’s what I see in the data:

  • Per level, some levels average better or worse recruits, iron, food, XP, and total items. (Troops and heroes too, I think, but those are low odds, and the data is relatively sparse)
  • The distribution of items is constant at 40% ascension / 60% crafting
  • The distribution of ascension items constant at 70% 1* / 25% 2* / 5% 3* (at least in provinces that have 2* and 3* items)
  • Some provinces have “more frequent” incidences of specific items.
  • With no 1* item “more frequent”, it seems to be an even distribution, 25% of each of backpacks, swords, rugged clothes, and training manuals. This is the same in S1, S2/Normal, and S2/Hard
  • When there is a preferred item in S1 OR in S2-Normal, it is 40% preferred / 20% / 20% / 20% (2x the likelihood of the preferred item)
  • When there is a preferred item in S2-Hard, it is 50% preferred / 16.7% / 16.7% / 16.7% (3x the likelihood of the preferred item)
  • Note: other items besides 1* ascension items do not behave exactly the same way, for instance, common herbs are more frequent than any other 1* crafting item, regardless of province, and I haven’t dug into data on 2* / 3* / 4* items much, although the distribution of crafting items seems to vary by province more than ascension items.

My conclusion is that the best level for backpacks is one in S2/Hard, (Highest percentage of backpacks per item) and gives a high number of total items. I also prefer levels which have higher recruits. The best ones are: S2/1-7 Hard and S2/1-8 Hard, closely followed by S2/1-9 Hard. (Slightly more packs, slightly fewer recruits)


Ok, I know the data you speak of. Didn’t realize that there were spreadsheets when you swipe left in LINE.
I did some new runs and 2-1-9 HARD is indeed a great source of packs.
Must have been doing the wrong one.

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By the way, any stage in season 2 province one hard mode has equals chance at number of backpacks as far as I know. I have switched from 9 (to get poison mist stage badge) to stage 7 (to get the rhino boss badge) and it’s exactly the same.

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