Troops and Backpack farming

I know there is several topics of this already, but nothing new lately. So age old question again. Best spots for farming troops and backpacks since recent updates?

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I am always having trouble with these and wooden swords. My newest method is 8-7 if I’m low on troops as they still give 8 to 11 of them and sometimes a sword or backpack, then I bounce up to 19-9 or 20-2, which seem to give at least one, and typically 3 of these. I usually get a hero or two as well. I always do the find recruits missions and just store them in super-low cost training if I have too many. 8-7 has the added bonus of still filing your regular monster chest faster than any of the other levels.


8-7 gives the most recruits per energy.
5-8 is what I hear people use for backpacks as it has a higher chance for backpacks to drop. But you’ll be receiving less experience. I just auto farm 8-7 and stockpile up the recruits into the cheap training until I have enough backpacks and dump them all in one go.


Depends if you want to power level heroes faster or just generally gain resources. 5-8 is great for leveling heroes. I’m not super interested in XP - it will come when it comes. It’s “better” for me to level my heroes faster (note “better” = subjective choice on my part for what I want from the game).

Since I started ascending 5* and now preparing for Alliance Wars, I’ve been farming 5-8 nonstop with a bit of 8-7 to stock up on recruits.


I had not farmed 5-8 much, so I did a quick run to see what happened. Here’s what I got in 9 runs:
Backpacks/Swords/Heroes (I assume those are the only important things right now)


Not bad - 13 backpacks, 2 swords, and 6 1* heroes for 27 world flags

My new question is - which level for the most swords? 1* heroes are way quicker to train.


Welcome to the conversation! Jump right in!

I love 5-8 for backpacks and 8-7 for just about everything. (13-6 was my recent go to for Tall Boots, but I digress)

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Province 5-8 has a lot of backpacks and troops

8-7 I find useless and takes a long time to farm compared to 5-8

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TBH, I’ve been hammering lvl 5-8 and when the backpacks run out, just run TC11 while building up a new supply.

Like you’ve already noted in the quick test, swords don’t seem to show up very often on 5-8. Were you looking to do elemental trainings?

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Also in dire need pf backpacks, I just tested 5.8
Very nice indeed!

thank you!

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8-7 for recruits

5-8 materials/heroes

13/6 exp/rare materials


I use 5-8 for backpacks and 4-6 for swords. But…I use training camps for feed, not so much for high * heroes.


No elemental training, I’ve got all colors leveling at the same time, so just the fastest way to get feeder heroes of all colors.

We’ve all been assuming when the OP said “troops” he or she meant “recruits”. If “troops” is what was meant, I don’t think there’s any evidence yet that one province or stage does better. I have a theory that you get troops matching the color(s) of the stage preferentially, but I don’t have data to back that up.


I’m pretty sure it’s just random as I get roughly equivalent numbers of troops over time and my farming zones don’t change appreciably much over that time period.

I never hardcore tracked it but I’m 99.9% sure if a troop is rolled, there’s a secondary roll for color of troop and it is indeed random.

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I did possibly misread that as recruits. I have such a ridiculous supply of weak troops that I did not consider that anyone would actually want more of them. Nothing sucks like getting a summon token, thinking “at least I’ll get some feeder hero,” then pulling a 1* troop you already have 25 of.

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Once you get a Barracks and start levelling troops, you’ll want all of even the apparently useless 1* troops you can get.


I’ve got my barracks at level 3 already. The only time I level up troops is when I need a food dump. It’s WAY too expensive for a very small increase. 100K in food for a 1% increase in one stat is pretty awful IMO.

The sad thing is that I realize I will eventually get to a point in the game where I have nothing left to do but pay that crazy high price to level up troops because I will be waiting for ascension items.

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It gets much worse in terms of food costs once the troops get higher level too. My own experience as a fairly casual player is that troops are a useful edge, especially in events or rare quests where winning or losing can be pretty close, but that depends on having the food supplies to satisfy the leveling requirements. Not having many higher star heroes or being short of ascension materials helps me there.

Taking 4* troops up a level here mine are (level 9) takes a couple million hams and lots of feeder troops. Yeah, expensive, but the cumulative gains are valuable. The other nice thing is the benefit transfers—the troops I used with Rigard help Sartana. So it’s a durable investment.


8-7 works great but I started working on 12-9 a lot. It’s 4 energy but drops a decent amount of packs,swords and hero’s. But I bounce back between these two.

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