Farming troops


I have a question what is the best level for farming troops


Dont Think there is a stage thats better then other for troops and hero.


At last check, any 3 flag zone.

Heroes and troops appear to drop random per run (same percentage for any) but then dividing through energy, the earlier zones are better.

I need to do better data when it comes to 1* vs. 2*, been casually checking lately and something like 80% of my heroes that I farm are 1* from map farming… that might improve in higher level zones and the exp differential for both heroes and troops is enough to skew that unlike say backpack farming.


I do 8-7 out of habit. Haven’t paid attention recently as to what I really get. :slight_smile:


I have been farming in province 22-1. I get 1* and 2* troops, 1* and 2* heroes, and also lots of different items. I don’t get the troops all the time but it does produce. Also 22-1 and other higher levels seem to give more items then the lower levels. Tons of backpacks too.


You’re more kick-butt than I…22-x costs me items! Lol


It’s when you divide through by ~2.3 as a result of the flag cost to compare to a 3 flag zone that the whole thing goes to ■■■■ :slight_smile:

Maybe they tweaked it again though I sort of doubt it based on my own experience playing 20-4 or so.