Training Camp Levels To Train

When you have all 4 TCs running, it’s supposed to be 2 TC11 for storage, 1 TC20 for legendary and 1 Flex TC3/19 for fast leveling right?

Also, is it necessary to level your watchtower all the way up to 20 like your SH or would keeping it a few levels lower be okay?

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I’d level the Watchtower up. It’s just more Iron & Food that you’ll get. It’s not necessary, but it’s good. However, if you can get SH to 21 first, that may be better with those 10 second conversion advanced buildings.

There is no universal “It’s supposed to be” regarding 4 TC’s. Many players run 2 TC 20 at first to get more heroes to work on. I am C2P (have bought VIP a few times, and the gifting gem deal) and I run 2 TC 20 almost the whole time, as I often end up short on heroes to work on.

I think 1-2 TC will pretty much always be in a flex state, so you can do what you need. 1 at TC 11 and 1 at TC 20 is definitely a good idea, but you may find that needs vary at some point in the future. Additionally, you have to get the TC’s to the level you want, except I’d expect that you have plenty at TC 11 already.


@Zteev yes I have 3 of the 4 now, the 4th I will get at SH20. I currently have 1 at 11 and that’s about 58 days out in training so I’m constantly storing heroes there, the 2nd is being leveled alongside the SH and the 3rd I just learned that TC 3 is good for the fast heroes so I can level them quicker. I need to get my heroes leveled up they are too weak at my stage in The game, but I will was (still am on some things) a C2P player because I didn’t know how else to get heroes initially, so now that I have a ton of them I need to train. My player level is 25, I have over 80 unique heroes, I’m in platinum raid level, my SH is 18 yet I only have 2 heroes maxed…have to make training my priority now that I understand The game way better.

Yes to your TC question. It would be for TC2/3/19.

Yes to watchtower. Always worth it to up TC since it gives quite a lot for both ham and iron.


I will say that I basically never use TC 3. I think you have the value of TC 2 & 3 conflated. TC 2 uses the Adventurer’s KIt (backpack icon) materials and is pretty good. TC 3 is okay, but really just a faster version of TC 1 that uses more food.

And also uses 5 recruits each as compared to 2 in TC19, so way more expensive than TC19. So it’s pretty much useless. :slight_smile:

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I have the following training camps, and it works well for me:

  • one TC11, running Extra Low Cost (11) constantly - and storing recruits
  • two TC20, running Legendary (20) training constantly - and storing food
  • one TC19, running Extra Low Cost (11) most of the time, but swapping to Extra Fast (19) and Uncommon (2) when I get a chunk of mats. For example, I’m about to go to sleep, and it will be running Lvl 2 until I get up in the morning. :slight_smile:

EDIT: bonus fact: I’ve done 173 total pulls from my TC20s, and I’ve gotten the 79.2% 3* heroes, 16.8% 4* heroes, 4.0% 5* heroes (7 total: 2x Quintus, 2x Horghall, Vivica, Joon, Thorne - and of those, so far only Joon has been a leveling priority).

Good gaming!


Just for transparency, I’m trying to train heroes as fast as possible. I’m assuming TC19 is better and than 3, but I’m not on 19 yet so it seems like 3 is the fastest one possible up until I get to 19

TC3 only happens on a few conditions:

  • when you run out of rugged clothes but need fast training
  • have way too many recruits stored in tc11
  • having too many wooden swords
  • power leveling heroes
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Sort of.

TC 1/2/3 require 5 recruits, food use is 1600/2000/5000, and time is 10/30/2 minutes. So 3 is fastest, but only if you have enough food & recruits.

Per hour:
TC1: 30 recruits & 9,600 food for 6 total levels of heroes.
TC2: 10 recruits & 4,000 food for 2-4 total levels of heroes.
TC3: 150 recruits & 150,000 food for 30 total levels of heroes.

When you get a bunch of items that work in TC2, it will be MUCH more effective to use that than TC3 when sleeping or away from the game for a while. Even TC1 will do better than TC3 in an 8 hour overnight shift, due to recruit storage limits, and food issues.

TC3 may be better than TC1 for short bursts, but it’s really not a thing you can afford to keep running long term. As others have said it’s situationally useful when you get to a situation where you’ve got a lot mroe built than you have now.


That is true… But those conditions are usually quite hard to meet during the first year of playing. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s true. It’s pretty hard in the first year of playing

What materials are needed for TC19? I know 1 and 3 both require swords, 2 requires backpacks

I swear I wish I found this forum when I first started playing! I spent so much money on summons and that’s why although my player level is considerably High and I have so many heroes none of them are trained the way they should be. Now I’m getting higher in levels and struggling to pass or win battles because my heroes are weaker than my actual experience. So this is why I’m trying to level myvheroes up as fast as possible.


Depends on your roster and play style.

4x Camps

Both Advanced House, and Atlantis Rising, have made Extra fast training ( RT19 ) less useful and Uncommon ( RT02 ) more useful.

Advanced House, and Atlantis Rising, shifts much of the burden from Hero XP per recruit to Hero XP per 1k food.

Extra fast

Extra fast ( RT19) can still be useful for some situations, but with Advanced house creating so many recruits and with Barracks, Lodge, rumored Lab, rumored Academy and rumored costumes taking so much food, it might be a better idea to save Rugged clothes for now.

Extra low cost

Unless Devs revamp Recruit training 01 to 19, Extra low cost will always be the gold standard for Hero XP per recruit. But is is very slow.

Several big spenders run only 3x Extra low cost training ( RT11 ) and 1x switching between RT11/ RT02/ RT01/ RT19


Click for notes

Before Atlantis Rising & Advanced House

I really need to redo the Budget post using Atlantis Rising ( 12x 3.5 days for recruits ) and Advanced House ( 120x 365 days recruits ). Both are game changers when it comes to world energy spent on recruits.

I also have the nagging feeling that Emblems / Hunter’s Lodge are going to limit the impact of Atlantis Rising kit farming.

Unless Hero Academy includes an overhaul of Recruit training 01 to 19, I see kits still being a symptom of a rushed game design with recruits being the true limited resource.

43,800 recruits

Before Advanced House

120 Advanced House Level 9 x 365 days = 43,800 recruits

Very interesting.


I’ve never used TC3. I have one running 20, one 2, one 11 and another that rotates between 11, 19, and 1, depending on my needs and the materials available.

After reading the comments I went into TC2, I will be using that instead thanks so much

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The number 11 really bugs me unfortunately, so I have to upgrade my camps to lvl 12. I have one of my four at 20, but haven’t used it yet. But now I’ve read this thread I have a better grasp of the best strategy for fast leveling. I have far too many unleveled heroes and 3000 recruits sitting in tc11 queues which I thought was the best way, albeit slow.

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