What do you do when you run out of heroes to level?

Oh, man… I laughed entirely too hard at this. Well done.

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I totally know this “problem” xD
I have been playing for almost 16 months and my roster has has reeched that point where I have nothing meaningful to level already a while ago. Basicly, I am taking all my 5-stars, that I ever consider maxing, to 3.70 almost as soon as I get them, then it is just a long wait for Damascus blades. During the meantime I am now just entertaining myself by taking every single 4-star that I will never ever use to max, but that will soon be done :frowning: The useful ones, like Rigard, are already maxed in 2-3 copies each, nevertheless, I have no need for 4* copies anymore since I dont use them in wars. Hopefully, the hero skins will keep us busy afterwards.


After 8 month I don’t have a deep bench.
12 4* maxed, (+10@3/60)25 3* maxed(was getting bored), 0 5* maxed.(3@2/60 1 on the way to final ascent, have all the mats)
And I’m sort of in the same boat.
No compasses. My last one was on an event, a few weeks ago.
Could use maybe 5 and max 2 more 5’s, and 3 4’s.
Monsters, wars, titan and Atlantis map(N) (S1 is done) are all i care to do.
My only “farming” is during AR.
SH@21, mines, storages, maxed+1. 2 Tc 11 with about 80 days, 1 Tc 20 with 20 days 1 Tc 2 with about 2 days left then 850 swords to process. The others buildings are going up, slowly(it takes days :().)
Don’t like or do raids.
Well that the way RnG rolls.

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I wouldn’t think a player could honestly say they are finished leveling heroes until they can produce mono teams of each element for 6 decent war battles which would pretty much requrie having at least 10 of each element in 4 and 5 star heros.

Once you have that and can win 80% to 90% of your battles then you could say the only thing that interests me now is hotm and/or any new heroes that come out.

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Given that you recommend leaving the 4th TC at 11. Do you think 2 TC 20 and 1 TC 19 is enough, or do you recommend 3 TC 20?

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More summons and more summons. :rofl:

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I’ve been in the same boat…been working on my 2 star tourney team

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I haven’t reached this point quite yet, but it looks like I might very soon… which is why I’ve started feeding most of my recruits to TC20s. Keeping one at TC11 for a steady flow of leveling fodder, but eventually I’m going to reach a point where I won’t even be able to collect my feeders unless I feed them to other feeders first, and that’s just stupid.

If RNG doesn’t succumb to my demands for better heroes soon, it’s only a matter of time before I’m going to have to close down my TC11 and feed every recruit to TC20s, putting many dozens of tiny walking villagers in my base out of work, and unable to feed their miniature virtual children.

You hear that, RNG? It was your choice to wage war against me, because you didn’t think that I was deserving of good heroes, because I refused to work overtime off the clock, or bring you coffee, or submit to your inappropriate advances. But now you are hurting innocent virtual children of imagined virtual training camp employees who are now out of a job because they have nothing left to do, all because you can’t find it in your dark cold heart to give me a couple more 5* heroes. For shame. For shame!

…. okay I’m veering way into absurdness here so I think I’ll log off and go try to finish my pirates event quests :grin:


I just pulled Boomer… and asked myself - when would I use this guy? Not sure he’s good for anything but maybe questing against yellow bosses.

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I’m in the same position - been playing over 2 years. I spend a little but not enough to get the good HoTms recently ( or Atlantis 5*) . I have one TC11 with about 450 cooked and a year’s recruits queued, I have one TC20 running and a TC13 for foods stored. I collect from both of those. The last TC I vary depending on what I am doing, but usually tc11 or 2.

What I did was to level dupes of any S1 5* that would be useful – in my case I had excess mats for yellow and green so did Lianna and Joon for wars.

The tourneys have helped especially the rush that makes some slow heroes that were previously neglected worth doing. But even with these strategies I am running out of things to do!


Having a rainbow AoE team :rofl:

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Soon I’m not going to have any purple or red to be levelling! Im just running 2 TC 11 and just started a TC13 I’m probably about 2 weeks away from TC20! I will be pulling at Atlantis but that will be my spending done till the new year!

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Extra fast

With Atlantis Rising, and Advanced House, Extra fast recruit training ( RT19 ) is less useful than it was. link 1. link 2. ( I was waiting for Stronghold 24 to be released for a post, but maybe a short post for Stronghold 22 )

Play style

For new Players I recommend

F2P, C2P, VIP only ( cannot level heroes you do not have)
3x TC 20, 1x TC 11

Pay 2 Play
1x TC 20, 3x TC 11

Big Spender ( Classic 4* / 5* heroes cannot compare with limited time heroes, especially HotM, even with costumes)
4x TC 11

Family 2 Play or Kid 2 Play or Safe 2 Play ( no 4* / 5* heroes for kids to accidentally delete )
3x TC 12, 1x TC 11

Guaranteed rare

I stopped recommending Elite recruit training ( RT13 ) with 3* tourneys ( uses 3* heroes), Epic hero tokens / Atlantis coins / Challenge coins ( chance for 4* heroes).

The 5% chance for a 4* hero is terrible since 1x Legendary training ( RT20 ) is not that long after 1x Guaranteed Rare ( RT12 ) training.


I run 4x tc11’s now just for feeding. No mats around to even worry about trying tc20 or tc13 thus only wasting time and resources thus slowing down feeding process. Once a month I will chuck in a couple thousand recruits into tc19 for some speed feeding. Been like this for about 6 months.
Give me ascersion items to ascend what have all that might change.

Thanks. I’m not new, but I will take that under advisement. I have built 2 TC20, 1 TC19, and 1 TC11, but I am finding the new advanced buildlings much more important than that last TC to 20 at this point. Other than red heroes, I have plenty of them to work on.

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There’s no way I could resist the urge. If you manage to do so, please share how you ignored them, what outfit you cleaned & wore from the dishwasher but most importantly, how you accessorized! :joy:


I went with a simple t-shirt and my favorite pair of pants, though they seem to have shrunk and now smell like macaroni and cheese…

As for accessories, I took a page from Onatel’s book and put on a blindfold. Can’t collect the feeders if you can’t see them, right? Unfortunately, this means I always get a D rating on titans and I’ve been trying to fill the same raid chest for over a week. I’m not so sure this is the best strategy anymore… :thinking:


Run out of purple! Soo do I a) level up 2 * purples for food later on?
B) just got a friar tuck at tc 13 give them to him I’m never gonna use him got far to many 3* n 4* green as it is?
C) any other suggestions would be great!

If you do a) you loose very much xp. stupid idea.

Do c) just feed them to any off color hero…3* whatever but seriously not Friar Tuck.

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If I don’t see another friar tuck, friar tuck, friar tuck…
If I don’t see another friar tuck, I won’t say, " _ _ _ _ again!!"

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