Stronghold Question – Upgrade Iron Storages to 18 before Upgrading to Stronghold 19?

Sorry if this question is already out there, however, I’m wondering if I should level my all my iron storages to 18 before leveling my stronghold to 19 or level my stronghold now. My iron storage is 3@17 and 2@16?

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I would level your Stronghold to 19 and take a Training Camp to 19 before Stronghold 20, so you can run through your Rugged Clothes. You should have a big stock of them by now.

If you’ve been banking food in TC13, you’ll likely be able to do a huge run of all of them. Otherwise you’ll have to do it in chunks over the coming weeks, so you’ll have enough food.

Once you have a Training Camp at 19, you can complete the Iron Storage upgrades to 18 in preparation for Stronghold 20.


I’m on SH 18 preparing to level to 19 in a few days, I’ve been running one TC at 11 constantly while leveling up the other TC to stay on par with the SH. Is 11 effective or do I need to switch to 13 now?

Also, once the SH is at 19 should I bring everything else up to 19 before upgrading the SH to lvl 20? Not that far behind, but most bldgs are around 14/15 and they weren’t a priority for me to lvl the SH up to this point.

Unless you have a lot of 4* heroes from gem/ coins/ tokens, I recommend getting to Legendary training as soon as possible.

(Build Order)


I do, I have a lot of 4 and 5 star heroes now, getting them leveled is the issue because I don’t have all 5 camps set up yet. I have my 2 TC11 and I’m building the third alongside the SH

Generic advice

Depends on you roster, but I usually recommend:

Hero XP

With the recruits from Advanced House Level 9, and Atlantis Rising, it is much easier to run Uncommon ( RT02 ) than Extra fast ( RT19 ).

So getting a second training camp to Level 19 is less important now.

Getting a new training camp to level 11 for Extra low cost is very important.

So I now run:

1x Legendary for food storage

1x Extra low cost for power leveling or game changing heroes. I do not touch unless I get a 5* healer, or similar game changing hero like first Wu Kong/ Rigard/ Proteus/ Melendor/ Boldtusk/ Grimm/ Falcon/ Wilbur/ etc.

1x Extra low cost for daily leveling.

1x switch between Extra low cost, and Uncommon.


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I am temporarily running 3x Legendary training trying to get Cyprian. 1x Legendary training since 2018-Mar. Gem summons since 2017-Sep.

Pre- Atlantis Rising Hero XP

Pre- Atlantis Rising Hero XP

Pre- Atlantis Rising Hero XP



Great stuff thank you everyone

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Thanks for this useful information. It’s really helpful

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