Training 3* at this point? Waste of time?

I am at level 39. I have a bunch if max 3s as well as near max. I have at least 10 Plus max 4s and am now getting 5s from tcs and summons. My issue is with all the 3s from tc20, aren’t they better used for feeding my 5s and the 4s I want to finish? I have enough 3s to complete the rare challenge events and I have others to finish the epic and legend as well. I know the raid tourney uses 3s but I don’t see investing a bunch of 3* feeders to max more 3s just for a few raid tourneys. Even if the loot was like 1st week I don’t think it’s enough. We generally work on 3s until we have a solid base then 4s and ultimately 5s, right? That is the progression. I have a great bunch of 4s that keep me at 2300 to 2400 cups.
I just got another bunch of 3s collecting from my tc20s(running 2 instead of 3, 8 in each, all 3s but a 4th wu and 3rd li xiu) but the stats are about right. At 60 I had 3 so 5%. Hopefully the next few out are a 5 to keep it up. Anyhow shouldn’t I use these 3s as feeders for my 4,5 hero’s and not bother training more 3s for a niche purpose at best? Thanks…

I think it depends on your goals. I am a bit of a collector (in this game, not in real life, lol) and I maxed 1 of every 3* (even guys like Renfeld and Oberon). Difference is, I am level 64 and have plenty of maxed 4 and 5* for war, so a bit of time to level some 3* isn’t really halting my progress.
Having a leveled Oberon and Jahangir is obviously not a waste now with the Rush attack variety of raid tournaments :wink:


I’ve been funneling resources into retraining 3s ever since monthly events ever started dropping emblems. The real problem is, I’m not about to dedicate precious feeder troops to level up 2 troops, so I’m not REALLY going to be competitive in an event like this. Too busy trying to get my 4* troops up to respectable levels and it takes a LOOOOOT of feeders to get there.

So yeah, I’m kinda half going for it, but if you’re building back up from scratch and have lots of other heroes you need to level, I don’t think the payoff is there? Better to save resources for your war teams then and let the people still using threes as the backbone of their war teams battle it out with the OP armies of the crews who win the 3* events with leveled troop teams.

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Real nerds have 2* troops @lvl30



Do you really???


I bow before your greatness!:laughing:


no one forces u to compete it raid tournaments with 3s neither in monthly events… so stop complaining about it… u dont need 10005000 3s u just need 10-15(same as in events)… dont like dont do, and then dont complain about no rewards… for example this particular tournament was made much more for beginners rather than old ones, ofc old ones shouldnt be left out, but in same time newcomers shouldnt be left out also and have some kind of fighting chance
i doubt there will be 4 tournaments in a row with only 3s heros, also there will be no 4 in a row with 5s or 4s… everyone will have some fun and some action involvement

for example i play this game for almost 3 months, and im not spending here alot (just vip and like 10$/month to make 1x10 summon at atlantis), i have 1x 5s(which isnt even at 4 80), and 5x 4s (which isnt even a rainbow team) why should i be excluded in some sort of event? - i shouldnt, ofc i will have lower loots in some events because i lack of heros, but i want some times to have equal terms with all, so this raid tourney is perfect for me, i will have same fighting chance as all the players in it and now knowing that there is 3s tournament i can remake good 2-3 teams of 3s for it which will also clear most of my needs in monthly events

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And as an “old” one, I’m actually enjoying reading how players are discussing Brianne vs Tyrum, etc. I find it a nice change from the GM vs Mother North comparisons.

Full disclosure … I don’t have any of the aforementioned heroes :grin:


Back up a bit, I wasn’t complaining. I was asking if it was worth my resources to build MORE 3s. I have enough as I said to finish the rare events and I have plenty to do legend and epic. I wasnt complaining. You want that, look at the thread on reduced raid tourney lot. That’s complaining. Ease back before you come at someone.


Tempers are hot, passion is inflamed today. You got caught in the crossfire!

This is why we need a war to release pressure :smile:


Truth. I’m feeling all kinds of feisty today, but OP definitely didn’t say anything to worth getting vented on Read like a legit question to me.

Yeah he came at me like I was attacking him. No where did I bring up reduced loot or not doing the raids, Etc. Personally I agree that the raids (from what I got from the Ama ) was for people other than those same top players to get rewarded.
Idk what made him attack me about things I didn’t bring up except perhaps from his writing maybe English isn’t his primary language and hec read in things I didn’t write. My post was asking with where I am now(having enough 3s as far I think) is it worth reversing course (the main course being ultimately to build the best teams and those would be 4 and 5s) so should I reverse for a few raid tourneys when I probably have enough 3s as it is.
I certainly didn’t expect that attack…and he’s better off than I was at 3 months. I didn’t get my 1st 5 until 8 months. Then I just got 3 about 3 weeks ago from tc20s but that was after 60 pulls, I just happened to collect the batches that had 5s in each. Then today collected 8 more from each and 7 3s from both plus a 4th wu and 3rd li. Lol. Hopefully there isn’t any attack material there. Hostile much?..LOL

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Thank you, I thought so too. Who knew it would trigger a war…


i guess i was a bit harsh, either way i still stand on what i wrote
there are ppl who dont do normal mode on monthly event, same as there will be ppl who will skip 3s tournaments (maybe when they increase loot again they will make some team for it) want to stay competetive make 10-15 3s heros, dont want dont make, also in some time when u gonna know all “rules” of tournament u will have more clues what other 3s heros u need

Clearly you’re not reading, I said I have enough 3s. But should I do more. And you say you were harsh but then stands by it, why reply again then? As for learning the rules you clearly misunderstood my post. At almost a year of play I think I know the game more than the 3 month player who attacks after I ask a question as to whether I should invest more in my 3* bench for little activity as my bench is already decent or continue with the normal path and build up the best teams of 4 and 5s with my 3s to use as needed. I am not looking to argue and this is a forum for questions and opinions. If I ask should I ascend x or y, would you tell me to just do either, who cares do it or don’t and learn the rules. Because that is about what your post came off like. Peace dude. Save the rage for the summon portal…lol. Yes that’s a joke.

Yeah and real 2* troops go to a maximum level of 15. But that’s none of my business.


Okay, didn’t know that. Never leveled one.

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So. Much. This. I love the concept of the Raid Tourneys for exactly this purpose. It creates a whole new level of strategy. Not just on collecting fast 3* for Rare Challenge Event tier, but also how to craft a whole new team of 3* for a Buff Boost or Rush Attack tourney. I dont’ have many 3*AOE heroes because they weren’t of great use in Challenge events. But now in a Rush Attack - I need more!!! That Gunnar that I constantly complain about - just eating up a roster spot - now he’s a Buff Boost hero!!

Personally I wish that Daily Raids would have 5 flags for 3* teams (or below), 5 for 4* (or below), 5 for 5* (or below). Then jack up the Raid chest value from 40/40 to 100/100 if they want. But I like the reason to keep/think about/use my 3* and 4* heroes.


clearly u are not reading…
read your first post again and again - 1st part of it looks like a complaint at least from my perspective (it goes like why we make 3s when game goes arround 4s and 5s)
im not raging… neither at u neither at any1 else… u partialy answering your own question [quote=“Obsidian, post:14, topic:100484”]I said I have enough 3s[/quote] u have enough… i gave u general idea that no one forces u to make low tier events, if u want to be competitive in that tier u should have pool of heros for it and how much is enough is up to u
also i wrote when u will know all “rules” like fast mana on last one, or booster on this one u will have general idea if u have enough or not and what are u missing

to give my $0.02 to the OP - I would think strategically about what “holes” you have in your 3*/4* lineup and keep a couple to help fill those holes. for me that would be AOE hitters. I recently kept/leveled an Ulmer. Will do the same with Carver, etc. I pushed a LiXiu past 3/60 to 4/70 for the last Raid Tourney because with Rush Attack I wanted heroes that would hit all enemies. Now the Buff Booster has forced me to look at my roster for heroes that throw buffs… Soon we should expect a ‘Bloody Attack’ that allows no healing. So a combo of tanks/snipers will be necessary. Evaluate accordingly and fill in those roles with 3* you may be missing.

Cliff’s Notes: Keep a handful of new 3* for strategic purposes. Feed the rest.

At this point your English is beyond understanding. I guess anger gets the mind confused. I really don’t get what you’re saying. But I’m trying to spark a convo with others like the ones who are now considering Gunnar more than a bench warmer. Since you are looking for a fight that was never there im done replying. And if you look some of those aren’t replies to you(the upper right shows i am replying to a certain person if there’s an arrow and if not its a general reply. Byeeee