Training camp tips for beginner

As a returning player i wonderee which tc i should focus on. I have everything unlocked until tc 13 but i need fodder for my 4/5*. Also is there anything i can do with unwanted 3*?

Here are my units atm

My very first alliance leader told me initially to build 3 x TCs to lvl.11 and 1 x TC to lvl.20

TC20 in the hope of a 5*

2 x TC11 constantly for feeders

1 x TC flipping between lvl.11 and lvl.2 for feeders

It worked for me. Good luck


I have a similar set up, but keep 3 TC11’s running and flip my TC20 between 1,2,19,20 as my supplys of materials dictate. I think that TC1 and TC19 are really underated.

Also similar:

2 TC20s, 1 TC11, and 1 alternating TC1 or TC2, material dependent.

Those 3s? Sadly no. Build or feed. Just make sure to check in with others in your alliance or the forum before you assume a 3 is junk. Lots of good 3s have been fed away because they were “only 3s…”