Level three star troop or continue to wait?

I lack a four star yellow troop (obviously I have each flavor of three star yellow troop). Should I continue to wait or go ahead and level one (or more) of the existing troops? I have saved my feeders for a long time, so I would likely be able to level the troop pretty far.

My normal yellow stack is Onatel, Leo, and Danzaburo / Li Xiu. All maxed, no emblems. I don’t really feel I’m struggling when I fight purple tanks (though my performance against purple titans is appalling), so it isn’t clear to me how much I’d gain from a better three star troop.


I’m in the same boat for red 4*, and eventually gave in and leveled my 3* Troops a bit.

Now that I’m closing in on 13 months of playing, I’m glad I did…who knows when I’ll get a 4* Troop, and if it’ll even be the one I’d like to level (I prefer Crit for most uses).

And even once I get a 4* Troop, the 3* are still useful for stacking and Raid Tournaments.


As there is no way to effectively target a specific element of 4* troop, to my somewhat limited knowledge… I went ahead and leveled some 3s, as needed for each addition to my stack as I built them up. The pulls are quite fickle… I believe I have 5 4 Blue Troops… and 0 Purple and Yellow…

I also did it as I was capped on food and had nothing else to do with it besides having it gone to waste.

I say go ahead.


I have a 3* at level 8 and another at level 5 for each color. I had no 4* troops for a long time, so a lvled them but i won’t be anymore, as i have seen how feeders-heavy it is to lvl 4*.
In the few last months, i got one for each color 4* except blue and even got 2 purple.
My 4* are at lvl10 and i can’t ascend them more for a lack of feeders :flushed:

I say go for it as you could wait a long time for what is missing


I am in this same situation with my alt account. I have 4 4* yellows, 2 purple/blue but no red or green. I sat waiting for months without leveling any of the green/red 3* troops but if you are anything like me, you will have endless amounts of 1* troops to use and those go a long way with 3* troops. I was able to get to level 8 with just 1* troops alone so it was easily justifiable to do. I say go for it.


I was in the same boat and elected to wait… a long time for my red troop. My 3 star was leveled to 5, which was weird when my 4s were levels 17-21. Right now my 4 is already level 9 with enough feeder troops to get over 20+. Overall I think there is a Long Term benefit for your defense team, but need to balance that with the short term


Just start to level the 3*.

Keep 3 troops of each tier (2/3/4) and level them with the next lower tier for tournament and challenge events with troop restrictions.

Focus on the epic troops, but 1* feeders are quite useless above level 10, so they can better be fed to lower tier troops. Even 2* are annoying xpensive to feed above 10 and give tiny xp.


Thanks, all!

Unexpected and surprising that there was basically consensus on this.


I’ve got a lvl10 3 * and 2 * troops of every color ready for raid tournament.
I used to have about close to 100 1 * troops of each color too. When I acquired a 2nd or 3rd 4 * troops, all those 1 * troops gone to their dinner table.
Now I badly need a 1 * troops.

Before I acquired my 4 * purple troop which happened to be my weakest troop, I bring one of the 3 * to lvl10 and another two to level 5 for minor stacking firepower. Keep the rest for the coming soon 4 *. True enough, when the 4 * finally turn up, I just bring it straight to lvl10.
But it almost drain up my entire hams.

*2 troops
At 1st I keep 5x of each color *2 troops (attack type), after that I release that I need to level my *4 troops, and I don’t have *3 heroes 5x maxed (I have only 3x maxed each color), so I keep only 3x each *2 Troops colors. (For tournament).

*3 Troops
Currently I only eat that already have more then 5x with the same troops type.
I currently leveling priority Attack type.
I plan only keep *3 troops Attack (maximum 5x each colors).
Threre are 3 variant for *3 troops, which is better Attack or Defense or the Balance one? or keep on each types troops?

*4 Troops
Red: 2 Mana, 2 Crits
Blue: 1 Mana
Green: 2 Mana
Yellow: -none-
Purple: -none-
So, for me *4 troops I will keep until have reached 5x with the same troops type.

Keeping a few of each of 2*, 3* & 4* troops made sense to me, especially for as you said events. Lvl 1* troops I always feed to Lvl 2* troops, they give little increase to 4* troops yet cost just the same to feed as a 3* troop - why :sob:?

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There isn’t much of a difference between the types of 2/3* troops imo. Only epic crit and mana make a small difference, but mostly one can’t choose there. I prefer the mana troops.

I keep those 3* with crit chance, since I don’t expect much from the health bonuses and have enough healers.

I kept 2* with the highest defense to avoid fast death, but that doesn’t matter much imo.

I don’t care about having all different types of all tiers, since troop leveling is very expensive and there are mostly not enough feeders and ressources to level 6 or even 10 of each tier.

I focus on one of each tier and color for rainbow defense.


I levelled 3* troops in each colour a bit initially and then once I got 4* troops in a colour I started levelling them. But I never got a 4* red troop ( I did recently but I’ve been playing nearly two years). So I had the same issue as you, I’d strong red heroes but weak troops. I waited but eventually I went for it. I levelled up two red Barbaric Maulers troops (I like their attack bonus) one to lvl 18 and one I maxed. They’re both still in my defense team which keeps me in diamond and I get into the top 100 now and again. Now that I’ve two red 4* troops I wish I had the feeders but the 3*'s are still very good and I had a year approx of strong red troops even if they were 3*'s. I’d definitely lvl your 3* troops up a bit.

I also started to level the 3 star troops to increase my stats. When I got a 4 star then, I leveld this up and use the other in case I got second of same colour in team. Got even 2 maxed 3 star troops which are in my mono teams.
I cannot remember exactly but maxed 3 star has about same power as 4 star at level 8. To bring it there it takes much time. Meanwhile I could use the other…

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*2 Troops: OK, my focus is for attack event challange rare. So, I will only keep attack type 3x, maybe later if I have 5x *3 Muggy maxed, I will keep 5x *2 troops.

*3 Troops: so, thats means the balanced type troops? it is only 1% crit different with Attack type troops.

*2 Troops: I mean, I currently only focus on keeping, not leveling, and leveling only one each color *2 troops lvl 4. Others sit at lvl 1, maybe later I will level if there are no *4 or *3 troops to work.

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I’m actually lucky compared to some? I was lucky to score a few green 4 star mana troops, (one critical attack), some nice critical attack three stars. And a 4 star critical attack red. I only level them to troop TC 2 level which is 3 and 5 respectively (the resources used are insane). You do only get a smallish number of total extra points for it but you only have to win by one.

Good luck.

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