Are 3*s more relevant now than ever?

WITH THE new weekly raid events, are more people keeping and or accumulating 3* heroes for these raid events? As usual t.c 20 has blessed me with numerous 3* heroes, I have only fed dbl and triples to each other since the news of the raiding event was mentioned. Anyone wanna shed some light on this myself and any others that are wondering this as well… ty

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Its a bump up system. The lower level guys will upgrade the 3*, and will in the future reset the emblems to use for stronger heroes.

I reccommended that all members in my alliance dont even waste time with the 3* heroes.

Just my consensus. However f2p players may want to upgrade their 3s. Im c2p. So ill only look at stromg 4 and 5

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I’m like 50/50, I do drop some cash here and there but not nearly as much as most of my ally. If I told u I had 30 total maxed heroes, 22 4s and 8 5s, what would you tell me about the 3s I’ve been accumulating? Th for the quick reply btw (Oh and are there going to be 3 onlymraid challenges. I cannot find this info)

My plan is to save for my main defense team. I have my general raiding teams ill shed light on during. (If you wanna see i can post pics) however ill focus on my main teams for titans and events mostly. Even if it takes a bit and it will.

Howeber gotta thing utility amd what you ise for what.
Kadilen, azlar, boldy, gormek, jackal, and wu are my focus.

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Yes, I will also save up my class coins, and learn what’s working for people and what’s not. Idk if u saw the question I added regarding 3* only raid events, is that something that you’ve heard Slickeres?

Are you a yinzer?

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Truth is I just want to know if I need to keep any unlabeled 3*s or can I feed em to my 4s and 5s

Me? Idk… What’s a yinzer.

Pittsburgh native

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As said. I wont be putting any emblem cpins, nor do i recommend anyone to do so. Unless youre being competitive on the events where 3* is needed

Originally from Rhode Island. When my pops split I moved with him to Erie pa. Lived there from 7-12ish. Came back to RI and live in RI now

Gotcha. I know steeler fans are everywhere. Erie is close enough. Lol

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Right, I understand that part, my biggest question/concern is this: I never kept 3s after my team was built up. I hear there are raid challenges coming like the example at the top of the forum where it says " healing no effect only certain elements can be used. I’m wondering if there will be a 3 only raid challenge…

You east of state college or west?

Steelers fans dominate 83% of the states thatndont have an nfl team

This is what I’m talking about specifically.

Does anyone know if there will be 3* only weekly raid challenges?

I’m in the Burgh.


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Nice! I’m in the enemy territory. Pats fans are so spoiled dude it’s sad

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