Decision making! – Keep 3* heroes with more than 20 5* heroes?

Hi everyone, I have been playing for 2 years now and I am wondering if other players keep there 3* heroes when you have more than 20 5* heroes?

Thanks in advance!!

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I keep a lot for Rare Challenge Events and 3* Raid Tournaments.

I’m actually continuing to level more of them, despite having dozens maxed. But I really enjoy playing with them, so you may prefer to only keep a few.


I do as I enjoy the raid tournaments. I also still do the 3* events to get a world energy flask.
I have even got a 2 * team of 8 heroes :).

I have 5 mono teams of fast hitters plus a few tanks.


I do! I keep my leveled 3s for challenges & tournaments. I have been slowly feeding away some duplicates & partially leveled ones. I have 2 Muggys (Muggies?) & a Hisan in line to level when I finish Gadeirus :lizard: :lizard: :horse:


Since raid tournaments have shown up, yes.


Honestly when I’m feeling burnt from the 5* grind, I’ll level a quick 3*. It’s kind of refreshing.


Like the others, the raid tournaments have made 3* relevant. It’s pretty fun to compete in these 3* tournaments as they seem more like an even field since the rare heroes are so much easier to pull.

They’ve also been a big relief on my food. My lvling strategy now is 2 5*, and a mix of 4*/3*.


I’ve also been playing more than 2 years. I have:

5 - 2* (unleveled)
17 - 3* (unleveled) / 13 - 3* (maxed)
22 - 4* (unleveled) / 20 - 4* (maxed)
3 - 5* (unleveled) / 7 - 5* (maxed)

My “unleveled” are actually in various states of leveling and my 3* aren’t going anywhere.

If you don’t intend to play the 3* events, then of course you can get rid of them, but I would hesitate to do so for two reasons:

  • new content being added that may use 3*
  • Heroes Academy being added which may let me use extra heroes though that building

I cannot thank you all enough for your replies and time! I really do appreciate it!



I 'm still keeping my Bane from the beginning, in all I have kept 30 x 3* ( Atlantis, events and classic) only 10 were maxed.
TC 20 churn out more 3*, but those were expensive feeders :blush:.

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