Training 3* at this point? Waste of time?

That was the hard thing was finding 3s with that buff. Im guessing that means brienne with the attack up, gill ra(yup I saved her and she’s partial leveled). But would something like bane blinding that would be an ailment right, not a buff? Nashgar I have maxed too with gato. But the Gunnar and kailani(yellow version of Gunnar). They would have spirit link plus boost so that’s 2. Finding 3s isn’t hard its digging through to find the buffers and if course rebuffs to take away enemy like tyrum and belith. Interesting if nothing else.

I don’t know who I’m more impressed with. Him for actually knowing this (which probably means he actually does have lvl 15 2 stars), or you for snowing me!

Well played, both of you :smile:

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The vast majority of the 3* heroes cast ailments on the enemy - so won’t be extra help in this tourney. I think your gil-Ra is going to be enemy ailments as well, not buffs. So she’s no help here unless I’m mistaken.
Brienne should buff all 5. Gunnar/Kailani 2 buffs of all 5 as you mentioned. Namahage buffs himself. Gato buffs him & his neighbors (I assume immune to ailments is a buff?). Melia buffs all 5. I’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

Tyrum, Belith and Mneusseus are the 3 debuffers that seem to be on my roster.

Friar Tuck and Vlad (don’t have him, can’t guarantee). Somebody with Squire Wabbit should test also, as it is not a normal debuff (he casts it on himself, could be counted as buff for this purpose).

Maxed out troops of all levels are visible in the daily and troop summon portals.

I was at the point you were. The rare events weren’t really worth it. But since the emblems came and they added them I am trying to get 2 3* of each color leveled to complete them and get the emblems.

Just started a few just for fun. If they would fetch the talent tokens for me, it was fantastic.

Now they are worth it due to raid tournaments and these rare quests. On higher levels 1* feeders aren’t nice for leveling the big ones anyway, so they will be spent to rares now.

I skipped all the posts about people arguing on the internet. Here’s what I do for leveling priority:

  1. if i can successfully complete the epic and legendary parts of monthly challenge but can’t finish the rare, i’d do 3s so i don’t miss out on those emblems.
  2. can i max a 5 star that is worth maxing? if yes do that. if not…
  3. can I max a 4 star that’s worth ascending (noticeably help me in AW or titans or raids). if not
  4. can I max out a 3 star that will help me in raid challenge? if yes do that.

if none stockpile feeders.


Boring those rares. Did the vid and fed them away afterwards.

They only block my roster and for what? For a few emblems every two or three month and still ridiculous tournaments? Nope…

I can do the rare in all events(just finished this one). I can also finish the legendary andc epic events as well. Maybe the title was wrong. My point or question was best answered in prior post. I am focused on making good 4 and 5 teams since they take up the majority of the game. I have enough to do the other things with 3s as well as I built them up in the beginning. My main thing was once you move on to the higher hero’s do you strongly focus on 3s anymore? I do keep 1 of each that isn’t maxed in hopes that one day ill max my 4 and 5s and will get time to level them. Otherwise I can do just finec with what I have. My question was really does anyone go back to level the 3s? There’s a reason to now(although small given the rewards and varied rules) but without the raids would anyone work on 3s once they had 4 and 5s? That’s my general question.

I’ve yet to see that , but I’ve seen this !!!

This guy is serious w his 3*s… emblems!!!

Ps sorry about the pic 's orientation…

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Personally, I’m using my 1* feeders to build selected 3* heroes, while keeping my bigger feeders (2*+ and all trainers) for my 5* projects. This strategy not only builds depth for the 3* events/tournaments, but also is freeing up a lot of food that I can put to good use feeding those hungry troops.

While I do have enough 3* heroes to muddle through Epic tier of Challenge Events, I had neglected them once my 4* bench was solid. I’m going back now and backfilling heroes with particular attention to those that have upsides from the three different tournament rules–namely, building some buff-casting, hard-hitting heroes like Melia and slow heroes like Gil-Ra.


Thanks @Kerridoc as that is about what I did, neglected the 3s but I duo like your idea of using 1s for the unique 3s that add value and the others for the 4 and 5s.

I also do this - one other benefit is that it maximizes the chances that the 3* will have a maxed special skill when they hit 3.50 (thus saving me the maddening and inefficient process of continuing to feed until the special hits 8/8).

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@princess1 well said, I’m fairly new (been 6 1/2 months in a couple of hours, track using my VIP status) and I still use a few of my maxed 3* in wars but for this tournament, I speed lvled Namahage and getting Balthazar, Gato, Brienne and Rudolph lvling for next 3* tournament.

It’s fun seeing a 3* defense and having to think through who you want to take and familiarize yourself to their SS.

I have gato and he is super squishy. Its really like his stats don’t match what happens. Ulmer and valen, even greymane all seem to outlive him. He has a decent special but that defense makes him a liability.

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