Top 5 Tank Heroes In Game

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As you may or may not have seen, @Anchor and the players from the Seven Days team have put together an awesome rankings list of 5* heroes. My question is more specific to the tank position. Possibly using the previously mentioned list (or not), does anyone have a rankings list for the 5* heroes that make the best defensive tanks based on stats, special, and experience using them? I would love if you guys would post your top 5 in order, and maybe an explanation as to why you chose them. Can’t wait to read the responses!


  1. Guinevere
    Yellow, special wich reduce purple damage, heal and reduce attacker’s mana.
    Good defense and his special are good to prevent holes in the defense and ghost tiling.

  2. Ares
    Treathening special who can have nasty effects on attacking teams, good defense, high hp.
    Usually flanked by strikers to benefit from the huge attack boost.

  3. Horghall
    Huge pile of hp and good AoE special, works better with %hp healers.
    Hard to kill and it can force attackers to use double red, best if flanked by Magni and a healer.

  4. Alberich
    Strong special who can speed up mana (usually paired with slow, strong AoE attackers).
    If you can’t take him out you have to dispell him or your next rounds will be a living hell.

  5. Azlar
    If you can take him out without get hit by his special its done, if not yor are pretty dead.


What do you guys thing about Zeline as a tank?

Similar to @FraVit93 but I would put Hel at 3: high base stats all around, high damage special with crippling mana freeze, with Azlar 4th and Horghall 5th.
I see so many people with Horg or Justice in the wide positions, and I just wonder what they know but I don’t. Can not see why they would be anywhere but tank.


@Tallman that guide that you mentioned specifically goes over defensive raid heroes and more specifically the Tank position.


Guinevere and Ares get A+

Azlar, horgall, Hel, Justice, Alby get A’s

Keshrek is also an A for intermediate to beginning advanced category for Tank


Thanks @Anchor. I literally saw that you had a tank category on the list two seconds after I made this post. I felt pretty stupid, but figured this would be a fun post for people who have not yet seen your guide. Thanks again for the crazy amount of time and data collection you must have put in to create the guide, it is much appreciated. Take care!

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Lol problem man. Glad it was helpful.

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Do not lump hel in with the other slows. She’s clearly a better tank thank those guys.

  1. Guin
  2. Ares
  3. Hel

big drop off

  1. Albi
  2. The rest of the slows (azlar justice groot).

The special difference between average and slow is SIGNIFICANT, especially when it’s OP 100% mana generation reduction.

EDIT: lower down, Kashhrek and Boril are both very good tanks…until they’re not. For awhile down there, while most people don’t have a big hero roster, they are very strong. But once someone can double up and have dispellers, they fall off a cliff. Boril is more useful as he can be of assistance on rare quest and event bosses where his riposte will really hurt them. Big K just moves to never being used because his attack stat is so low.


This is just my personal experience when going against these while raiding:

  • Guinevere: There’s no stopping her once she gets going and you don’t have heavy hitters.
  • Vivica: Dam her. Same as Guin
  • Justice: She’s just mean.
  • Azlar: You can deal with this guy pretty effectively if you have someone like Rigar, but if you don’t and you can’t get him out of the way quickly enough and hits you more than once, well then, good luck…

All of these fully maxed and with extra help from leveled up troops are simply devastating…I find Ares to be very clumsy as a center tank and never have any issues with him. Alby is hit and miss, sometimes hes a good tank but you can take him out rather quickly with a couple of heaving hitters (i.e. Magni & Joon combo). Hel is also hit and miss as I don’t find her to be very good at her defense and she’s not an issue as a tank most of the time. Simply charge up your Wu and let those tiles hit, she’s gone…

My worst experiences have been with those I mentioned first. But that’s just me. Also, having someone like Cyprian flanked by two healers (BT & Kiril) is just UGH !


“Just charge up your wu”

You make it sound so easy, before you can charge him he will be dead if there is a Hel tank unless you have an amazing board

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Hell its really great but if we take into account counters from the attackers she can be countered by mana drain and partially countered by blind, pretty common for yellow heroes.

Its even true that maybe the board will go with a “vertical purple cascade” and make you lose the game but its not that common.

For me the very definition of “tank” is a hero very hard to take down and that merely take time for the other heroes.
For this very reason i don’t consider tank heroes like Azlar, Isarnia or Alby and i don’t put them in this chart (even if they can do a pretty good job in that position)
Others have already said pretty much the best, but i want to take in consideration only regular heroes (no HotM, no event)

1 - Marjana/Sartana: fast and tanky, you get nearly for sure 1 special before take them down (and annoying DoT with that)

2 - Justice: she is the very tank prototype meant only to take time. Still really effective sometimes.

3 - Richard: his attack debuff and good attack make him pretty suitable in that role

4 - Lianna: before the first HotM she was probably the most used as central

5 - Thorne: on paper he has the best stats to be the ultimate tank, still his lack of skills affect the popularity


But isn’t that half the fun ? He is after all a wildcard fighter…I used to try and clean the board of yellow tiles trying to get him going right away, and that works great, when it works. Putting all your eggs in one basket (Wu) is not a sound strategy. So, these days I pace myself, I’ll charge my Rigard first actually, or about the same time, in case Wu gets hit I can keep him healthy with Rigard. Using Wu properly takes some skill as I’ve come to find out, the hard way…Still, Hel, she’s the most dangerous as flank in my experience. Which is I charge Rigard before Wu when she’s in center…

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I was very surprised to see Horghall make this list at all. I cannot recall ever having a problem with Horghall and have never had to adjust my team to accommodate for his presence regardless of who was flanking him. If I see that he’s about to go off, I just glance at my heroes health and figure, Oh well, I’ll kill him when he’s done.


Do you think its a bad tank? Not to me.
Can you make another list yourself to share more of your thoughts?

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Guinevere is the best, to be sure.

Ares is second. If you can’t kill him before he goes off, you’re probably going to die.

Hel and Alberich, I’d say, are tied for third. They’re both also really difficult to overcome if their specials go off, but they’re easier to bring down than Ares and the queen.

Vivica and Justice are pretty close behind.

If Arthur has the right folks flanking him, I think he can be a really great tank. Others that can be good are Horghall, Azlar, Khagan, and Isarnia. Kadilen can be effective, too, as an 11th option.

Among the four-stars, Li Xiu, Kiril, Boldtusk, Boril, Rigard, and Kasshrek are probably the toughest.

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I’d have to say that Guinevere is the #1 Tank in the game. I’m pretty certain that everyone can agree on that one. There are teams out there specifically constructed to take her down and even they have limited success.

I would place Ares as the #2 Tank in the game. He’s been a staple for me since I decided to ascend him to 4th a long time ago.

Hel nails down the #3 spot easily as She shuts down 2 to 3 members of your team more than once as you try to take her out.

I would say that the #4 tank in the game would have to be Marjana. Just when you think you have her dead, she gets off one more shot. Reasonably the same could be said of Joon or Sartana, but for some reason I’ve had more trouble with Marjana. Its probably the composition of my team.

The number 5 spot easily goes to Justice. If Justice goes off, your team misses and that is deadly at pretty much any level of competition.

As for the other Heroes listed: Yes, they are good, but not as good as the ones listed above. I always appreciate when my opponent putsAlberich front and center so that I can kill him easily before or after he’s gone off to early to do any good. In my opinion, people who place him at Tank position are making a mistake.


To me tanks who blind can be a double edged sword: if the attacker need mana it can fire tiles and still gain it while the defender don’t get hit, we could compare Horghall’s attack reduction with Justice’s blind but to me a attack reduction could be better, it also invalidate red hero’s attack buff.

Maybe comparing them individually many heroes could outshine Horghall but taking into account all the possible attacking heroes I’m pretty sure it’ll be better than Justice.

For Alberich even I agree that putting him in the tank position isn’t the best choice (having a better tank) but it isn’t half bad at tanking. It dies as nearly as every hero when facing double-strong tiles and strong specials.

Guinevere is a good tank but man is she boring to play with

I’ve played with her and ares maxxed in the beta and ares is on a whole different planet of uses and fun

Guinevere has 1 use and 1 use only, raid defence

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