Roster/Tank suggestions

Hello, I’m playing for almost 6m., got some really nice heroes… My defence recently looked like this: Drake - Misandra - Azlar - Inari - G. Panther.
Got the last needed rings for Azlar, but… not sure he’s the one (also not sure if I get better red in future) So any ideas for tanks/lineups are greatly appreciated! Also who is worth maxing and who to leave behind… I know my roster is a mess of unleveled heroes, but really can’t resist trying out those shiny 5* :rofl:

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If you decide to ascend your Azlar you could go with this:

of your red heroes Azlar is the best :wink:

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Thanks for your suggestion @FraVit93, do you think it’ll be viable if I swap Inari with Drake (just leaning towards her when I get the final darts)

She would be better with another kind of tank (as Boss Wolf or Richard for example) and your defense’s high priority target would just be Azlar. To me Inari is best when paired with offensive tanks or to protect them from dispels.

If you value Inari over Drake Fong you could ascend her, in the end she is a great heroine and Kashhrek isn’t the best tank, you’ll replace the lizardman when progressing into the game :slight_smile:

Just asking for one more last advice… currently I’m working for maxing Evelyn and Athena… with my current roster which one green and red hero will be more useful for titan fights? Caedmon/Melendor, Gormek/Scarlett/Lancelot

Titan fight choose caedmon and gormek.

Caedmon hits hard, debuffer, and great defense

Gormek have high hp and can defense down titan, so u will score more points